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The Victims Due to the Explosion in the Bulgarian Plant “Arsenal” Are Already Two (updated)

One Victim and One Seriously Injured After an Explosion in a Bulgarian Military Plant

BULGARIA, March 14, 2018, Author: Galina Zdravkova (Bm), Photo by DarikNews

The victims as a result of the accident in the Bulgarian military plant “Arsenal” in the town of Kazanluk on March 14 are already two. The 45-year-old man who had to be hospitalized in a specialized clinic in Plovdiv died shortly after 2am tonight in a hospital in Stara Zagora due to 85% severe burns, reported

The information was confirmed by Gergana Mikova, the District Governor of the town of Stara Zagora, who also stated that “There are no other injured people as a result of the accident. The workers, who had been in the adjacent premises of the workshop, were evacuated. Of course, there are frightened people, but there are no other injured.”

The major versions which are being investigated are two – human error or technical defect.

The accident was caused by an explosion in one of the workshops, which led to fire extinguished in due time. One 27-year-old man with two years of experience in the plant died immediately on the spot of the accident. Another 45-years-old man with 10 years of experience in the Company was seriously injured and he was given first aid in the Multi-profile Hospital for Active Treatment “Dr Hr. Stambolski” PLTD in Kazanluk and had to be transported and hospitalized in the Burns Clinic in Plovdiv.

The accident was reported around 10:20am on March 14. There are material damages as well.

The Minister of Interior Valentin Radev said that the control of the work in that room, where the accident has happened, is remote and workers are not supposed to be in it while the working process is on. It will be additionally clarified why these employees were inside at the time of the accident.

“This is a room, in which the stirrer is and where a mixture is literally being stirred. The control of that process is installed outside the room, where there is a panel with buttons,” said Valentin Radev. He further explained that the stirred mixture is not explosive and that it is a specific mixture based on gunpowder.

The General Director and Chief Executive Officer of “Arsenal”, Nikolay Ibushev, also confirmed that the safety instructions had been violated: “In a room in which there is a mixer for a smoke mixture, and the mixer itself must be switched on to the control panel, which is outside the room, at closed door, due to unknown for us reasons, two workers were inside while the mixer was working,” said Nikolay Ibushev.

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OPTIX Will Deliver Thermal Imaging Binoculars to FRONTEX

OPTIX Will Deliver Thermal Imaging Binoculars to FRONTEX

PANAGYURISHTE (Bulgaria), May 4, 2018, Authors: Optix and Bm, Photo: Optix

The Bulgarian company OPTIX will deliver thermal imaging binoculars BidentifieR within the next four years to the European Border and Coast Guard, Frontex, under a framework contract, announced from OPTIX on 4th April 2018.

OPTIX was awarded the contract in December 2017 after winning in an open tender procedure the competition with some of the most famous manufacturers in the sector.

Frontex will receive the first batch of these high-tech thermal imaging devices in May 2018.

The BidentifieR binoculars will be used by Frontex for guarding all EU external boundaries.

The BidentifieR is a single channel uncooled thermal imaging device. It has been developed specially for military and law enforcement personnel, for long surveillance and reconnaissance. With its help targets may be detected and recognized in completely passive mode on short and mid-range distances.

Superb and detailed image at any time and in all weather conditions is ensured through a sensitive detector and intelligent digital video processing. Image filters and weather type modes also contribute to the optimization of the picture depending on the weather conditions and customer needs.

The BidentifieR may be mounted on tripod for steadiness and has analog video output for remote observation.

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The Cabinet Wants the Bulgarian Soldiers to Operate Bulgarian Machines

The Cabinet Wants the Bulgarian Soldiers to Operate Bulgarian Machines

TARGOVISHTE (Bulgaria), April 28, 2018, Source:, Picture: MoD

The Government is going to vote the granting of BGN 1.22 billion for the modernization of the Bulgarian Army, and its only condition is the military machines to be manufactured in the country. This became clear during the visit of the Prime Minister Boiko Borisov and the Deputy Prime Ministers Krasimir Karakachanov and Tomislav Donchev in the factory “TEREM – Han Krum” in the town of Targovishte on Friday, April 27.

“The country allocates enormous amount of money for modernization of the Bulgarian Army. Our aim is to be produced in our country, which will also provide vacancies,” explained the logic of the cabinet Borisov, quoted by the Bulgarian News Agency (BTA).

“5-6 companies are interested in the projects for the fighters and the ground vehicles (for manufacturing of a new combat vehicle for the infantry – editor’s note) and have offers for execution of the future orders. The only condition is the machines to be assembled in our country,” added the Defence Minister Krasimir Karakachanov.

The goal of the Government is a big part of the resources, through which the modernization will be financed, to remain in the Bulgarian and not in foreign factories. Borisov gave as a good example the factory of “TEREM” in Targovishte, where “there is still kept potential of people, mechanics, the base is not seriously compromised as well and after a small repair it will become a wonderful factory.”

“I think that this is good news for Targovishte – one of the few towns where the population is increasing,” Borisov cheered up the local people.

“It is very easy machines to be purchased from the shelf, we want, especially when it concerns machines for the land forces, the entire potential of the country – both industrial and scientific – to be engaged. This first means that a big part of the money will remain in Bulgaria, as well as additional money for the Bulgarian scientists and engineers – we follow that priority. Unfortunately, things haven’t developed in this way in the course of time. Moreover, if the Bulgarian scientific potential develops, it may look for new foreign customers in future,” explained the Deputy Prime Minister Donchev.

The Defence Minister Karakachanov clarified that, at the moment, coordination of the projects for investment costs for acquisition of major combat vehicles for the Land Forces and a new fighter jet is ongoing. It is expected they to be submitted for review by the Council of Ministers at the meeting on May 9.

The Project for the combat vehicles is elaborated for 12 years and is worth BGN 1.22 billion without VAT. It includes acquisition of 150 pcs. combat and special vehicles for three battalion combat groups, of systems, and additional equipment, as well as training of the staff as clarified from the press service of the Council of Ministers.

Under the second investment project, it will be purchased 16 aircrafts in two stages. During the first stage, which is financially secured by BGN 1.5 billion without VAT, it will be acquired not less than 8 aircrafts, will be ensured resources for ground handling, training of the staff, initial integrated logistic maintenance (for a period of 3 years), as well as the armaments.

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OPTIX Became the Main Sponsor of the Newest Cabinet at the Bulgarian Defence Institute

OPTIX Became the Main Sponsor of the Newest Cabinet at the Bulgarian Defence Institute

PANAGYURISHTE (Bulgaria), April 17, 2018, Author: Galina Zdravkova (Bm), Photo: OPTIX

OPTIX, a Bulgarian developer and manufacturer of a full range of special optical devices and systems for the army and police forces, became the main sponsor of the newest cabinet “Optical Laser Appliances and Methods” at the Bulgarian Defence Institute “Professor Tsvetan Lazarov”, announced the company.

The specialized cabinet was opened on 23rd February as part of the patronal feats of the Institute – the 122nd anniversary of the birth of Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov. The ceremony was attended by the Deputy Minister of Defence Anatoliy Velichkov, the Permanent Undersecretary of Defence Anton Lastardzhiev, representatives of the Directorates of the Ministry of Defence, and Defence Staff and Generals of the Joint Forces Command and the Armed Forces. Eng. Mario Dimitrov, the Strategic Clients Manager of OPTIX, congratulated the attendees.

This is the first cabinet at the Bulgarian Defence Institute, established in cooperation with a Bulgarian defence industry company that also provided samples of various surveillance technologies.

The Defence Institute “Professor Tsvetan Lazarov” is the main scientific-research, testing-design, and expert-technical structure in the Bulgarian Ministry of Defence.

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The Procedures for the Bulgarian Land and Air Force Modernization Projects Start

The Procedures for the Bulgarian Land and Air Force Modernization Projects Start

SOFIA (Bulgaria), April 4, 2018, Author: Galina Zdravkova (Bm), Photo:

The procedures for the implementation of the modernization projects for the Bulgarian Land Forces and Air Force have started, announced the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Bulgaria on 4th April.

The projects “Acquisition and maintenance of major combat machines for building of mechanized brigade battalion battlegroups” and “Acquisition of combat aircrafts of new type” were reviewed at a sitting of the Defence Council, after which the Minister of Defence Krasimir Karakachanov decided to start the procedure on the submission of the projects for review to the Council of Ministers and their approval by the National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria.

The project concerning the modernization of the Land Troops includes acquiring of 150 pcs. combat and special machines, systems and additional equipment, and training of the personnel that will operate the machines and it shall be implemented within 12 years. Its foreseen value is BGN 1220 million (without VAT, duties, taxes and other state fees), of which 1020 million are intended for the 150 combat and special machines, and the rest BGN 200 million – for acquiring of systems and additional equipment.

Under the Project “Acquisition of combat aircrafts of new type”, it is foreseen to be acquired 16 aircrafts in two stages (per 8 aircrafts within a stage). The first 8 aircrafts shall be delivered within 2 years after a contract is signed. The budget of the first stage is intended to be BGN 1500 million which shall cover the costs for acquiring of aircrafts, ground handling services, training, initial integrated logistic maintenance (for a period of three years) and the armaments. The actual parameters of the defence products that will be acquired under this project will become clear after requests for offers are sent to the relevant countries and answers are received.

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