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Saudi Arabia’s decision could ruin oil-producing countries

Oil prices have fallen. The reason was that negotiations between Russia and Saudi Arabia regarding a reduction in production were stalled, and the latter began to seriously increase production. If oil becomes cheaper, fuel and electricity prices should drop.

Mass Demonstration Against Donald Trump Are Expected in December in London

LONDON, (BM) - Protesters will mark the visit of US President Donald Trump to London in early December, when he attends the 2019 NATO Summit. On Tuesday 3 December 2019, the Queen will be hosting a reception for NATO leaders at Buckingham Palace and protesters from a wide range of campaigning organisations will be there to greet the delegation.

Iran Would Resume Operating Centrifuges at Its Underground Nuclear Facility

TEHRAN, (BM) - Iranian President Hassan Rouhani announced Tuesday his country would “resume uranium enrichment” at its nuclear facility in Fordow and begin injecting uranium gas into 1,044 centrifuges, Iranian media reported. “Resistance lays the ground for negotiation, and negotiation takes advantage of resistance,” Rouhani said in his

China Said It Would Sanction U.S. Firms That Participate in Arms Sales to Taiwan

BEIJING, (BM) - China said it would sanction U.S. firms that participate in arms sales to Taiwan, a retaliatory move that is expected to have minimal effect on defense companies but is likely to further complicate efforts to resolve the simmering trade dispute between Beijing and Washington, learned, quoting AlJazeera.

We Have a Predator Living in the White House, Sen. Kamala Harris said

WASHINGTON, (BM) - Sen. Kamala Harris labeled President Donald Trump a "predator" that she could take on due to her background as a prosecutor - a new line of attack against the president as the California Democrat is surging following her debate performance last week, learned BM, quoting US Today. While speaking in Iowa Wednesday, Harris