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A Country in Southeast Asia Buys Israeli UAS by Elbit System Totalling $153M

TEL AVIV, (BM) - Elbit Systems announced that it was awarded a contract valued at approximately $153 million to supply an Army of a country in Southeast Asia with a comprehensive, multi-layered array of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), learned Read more: The Israel`s Hermes 900 UAS Has Started Operating Patrol Service in

Israel Will Unveil the New Tactical UAS T-Heron on the Upcoming Paris Air Show

JERUSALEM, (BGM) - In the upcoming Paris Air Show, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) will unveil the new tactical Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) of the Heron Family: the T-Heron, learned, quoting Israel Defense. Designed for tactical missions on the battlefield, the T-Heron is expected to be used by ground forces and coast

InstantEye Robotics Announced the Release of the Mk-3 GEN4-D1 sUAS System

ANDOVER, MA, the USA ( – InstantEye Robotics announced yesterday (14th January 2019) the release of the InstantEye Mk-3 GEN4-D1 sUAS (small UAS) multiple capability system, learned Read more: Can Israel keep its position as one of the top UAS exporter? The InstantEye Mk-3 GEN4-D1 is the most

Can Israel keep its position as one of the top UAS exporter?

JERUSALEM, Israel ( - The saying "Troubles come in packages" has been recently proven to be very true. An Israeli company lost two major tenders for the supply of advanced UAS. The total loss is estimated at 1.2 billion U.S $. But that is just the introduction to a very serious issue that Israeli companies have and will…

GA-ASI Announced the Completion of the FOT&E for Its Gray Eagle Extended Range

SAN DIEGO, California, the USA ( – Earlier this week, on 8th October 2018, General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. (GA-ASI) announced that recently the company has completed Follow-On Operational Test & Evaluation (FOT&E) for its MQ-1C ER Gray Eagle Extended Range in Palmdale, California at Air Force Plant 42 in…

Silent Falcon’s UAS Selected by DARPA to be Remotely Powered by a Laser in Tests

ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico, the USA (, Editor: Galina Zdravkova, Photo credit: Silent Falcon DARPA selected Silent Falcon’s UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System) for testing the option of charging an aircraft remotely by a laser at a distance of 10 km, learned The tests of DARPA’s Stand-off Ubiquitous…