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Russia arms all its nuclear subs with three new missiles

Earlier, a military-industrial complex source said that all multipurpose nuclear submarines (NPS) of the Russian Navy of projects 971, 949A, and 885 would be armed with Kalibr Onyx and Zircon missiles. According to the source, "the containers for these missiles are universal."

Russia is working on 5th generation submarines

The United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) on its own initiative continues to work on the development of a nuclear submarine of the Husky project and a diesel submarine of the Kalina project, which belong to the 5th generation submarines

Russians submarines are off the coast of USA, admiral Andrew Lewis complaints

WASHINGTON, (BM) - Due to the activity of Russian submarines, the eastern coast of the United States has ceased to be a "safe haven" for the American fleet, learned according Vice Admiral US Navy Andrew "Woody" Lewis statement, cited RIA Novosti and The Drive. Read more: Military and defense analyzes, comments, opinions

Russia’s Special-Purpose Nuclear Submarine Will Enter Sea Trials in 2020

MOSCOW, (BM) - Russia’s special-purpose nuclear sub, the Belgorod, which will be the first basic carrier of Poseidon nuclear-capable underwater drones, will enter sea trials in June 2020 and will be commissioned in September, learned, quoting TASS. Read more: The Russian Underwater Drone “Poseidon” Completed The Key Stage