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The Russian Destroyer Bustryi Performed Artillery Fire in the East Sea

MOSCOW (BGM) - Yesterday, in accordance with the combat training plan, the destroyer Bustryi of the Pacific Fleet in the waters of Peter the Great Bay solved the problem of repelling the attacks of mock enemy air attack weapons, learned, according the Russian Federation MoD statement. Read more: Russian Navy Lays Down

Russian Navy Lays Down the Latest Project 22800 Missile Corvette

MOSCOW, the Russian Federation, ( - Today (26th February), the spokesman of the Russian Navy Igor Dygalo reported that the latest Karakurt-class missile corvette Tucha was laid down by the Zelenodolsk Shipyard in Tatarstan in the Volga area, learned Tucha is the latest of the Karakurt-Class

Russian Navy Warships Monitor the Actions of the USS Donald Cook in the Black Sea

MOSCOW, the Russian Federation ( – The Moscow-based National Defense Management Center reported on Tuesday that warships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet were continuously monitoring the actions of the U.S. guided-missile destroyer USS Donald Cook that has entered the Black Sea on 19 February at 17:00 Moscow time, learned

Russian Navy Intends to Acquire Bathyscaphes for Special Underwater Operations

MOSCOW, the Russian Federation ( – Yesterday (9th January), a source engaged in the Russia’s defence industry revealed the plans of the Russian Navy to acquire bathyscaphes, which to be used in special operations, learned According to the statement of the unnamed source, cited yesterday by the

Russian and Indian Navies Kicked Off their Joint Maritime Exercise Indra Navy 2018

VISAKHAPATNAM, India, ( – On Sunday (9th December), the Indo-Russian maritime exercise Indra Navy 2018 has kicked off in Visakhapatnam, India. This is the 10th year of the bilateral exercise, which aimed at enhancing interoperability and developing common understanding and procedures for maritime security operations, between

Latest Buyan-M Class Missile Corvette Enters Service with Russian Black Sea Fleet

MOSCOW, the Russian Federation ( – Today (10th December), with a solemn ceremony, the Russia’s Black Sea Fleet accepted in service the latest Buyan-M class cruise missile corvette designed and manufactured under the Project 21631 - Orekhovo-Zuyevo. The commissioning ceremony was held on the board of the new warship, at its

Russia will Construct Two More Landing Ships under the Project 11711

MOSCOW, the Russian Federation ( – Today, TASS news agency reported that a decision was taken to be finalized the Project 11711 Ivan Gren-class landing ships developed for the Russian Navy, with the construction of two or three other large amphibious assault ships of the same class. The state-run media refers to a statement…

The Fourth Project 22800 Small Missile Corvette will be Floated Out in October

MOSCOW, the Russian Federation, ( – Yesterday, the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation announced that the local Pella Shipyard, based in Saint Petersburg, will float out the fourth Project 22800 small missile corvette on 23 October, learned The name of the new Karakurt-class corvette is…