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Russia began large-scale air strikes in Syria, a local source reports

DAMASCUS, (BM) - Erdogan’s talks and ultimatum against Russia over Syria forced the Russian military to only intensify large-scale air strikes against the positions of Turkish military personnel and pro-Turkish militants, learned citing Syrian North Press report. recalls that the Turkish leader said

Russian reconnaissance plane has been shot down above Idlib, a UK media reported

LONDON, (BM) - The UK's Daiy Express news publication, citing sources among militants in Idlib, reports that a Russian reconnaissance aircraft was shot down several hours ago in the Syrian city of Nairab, learned Read more: 24/7 – War in Syria: Who controls what and what happens "A Russian

Russia’s Su-24 bombers destroyed 10 Turkish-backed militant vehicles (video)

DAMASCUS, (BM) - As we reported earlier today, Russian Su-24 bombers bombed pro-Turkish militants and terrorists who launched an offensive in Syrian Idlib. This is stated in the statement of the Center for the Reconciliation of the warring parties (CPVS) in Syria, which was received by the editors of Read more:

Turkey to Russia: Syrian army has to withdraw or we’re starting military actions

ANKARA, (BM) - Turkey in negotiations with Russia in Moscow insisted on the withdrawal of the Syrian army from the Idlib de-escalation zone, otherwise Ankara could resort to military action, said Omer Celik, spokesman for the Turkish ruling Justice and Development Party, learned Read more: 24/7 – War

A Russian mercenaries military base was blown up in Syria (video)

DAMASCUS, (BM) - The network appeared footage of the defeat of the headquarters of Russian mercenaries in western Aleppo (Syria). On its territory, an infantry fighting vehicle was blown up, learned, citing Obozrevatel and Ebaa News Agency*. Read more: 24/7 – War in Syria: Who controls what and what

Syrian Kurds have announced they will fight Turkey with help from Russia

DAMASUS, (BM) - Syrian Kurds declared their readiness to conduct hostilities in the northern, northeastern and northwestern parts of Syria with Russia, learned, citing several local sources. Read more: 24/7 – War in Syria: Who controls what and what happens According to senior Kurdish

Military cooperation between Russia and Serbia reaching a whole new level

BELGRADE, (BM) - Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that Russia will try to maintain the pace of military cooperation with Serbia, learned Read more: Serbia unveils a new upgraded BVP M-80A infantry fighting vehicle “The interaction between the defense departments of Russia and Serbia has reached a

Russian intelligence agencies are conducting reconnaissance near Ireland

LONDON, (BM) - Russian intelligence agencies are conducting active reconnaissance off the coast of Ireland, learned, citing Topwar and tThe Times. There, they search underwater for fiber optic cables connecting the United States to Britain and other European countries. Read more: A British military intelligence aircraft

Russian bombers have destroyed Turkish armored vehicles and weapons in Syria

DAMASCUS, (BM) - Russian bombers destroyed Turkish tanks, 18 MLRS installations and about 50 armored personnel carriers, learned citing news agency Aviapro publication. Read more: 24/7 – War in Syria: Who controls what and what happens Erdogan’s violation of the agreements with Moscow resulted in

NATO’s observation over Russia; Libya arms embargo; US tests ballistic missiles

PANAGYURISHTE, (BM) – Your briefly report on February 17 in last twelve hours from US, Estonian, Lithuanian military to carry out observation flight over Russia, Belarus A joint mission of the United States, Estonia and Lithuania will execute an observation flight over the territory of the Union State of Russia and

Russian strategic bombers or transport aircraft – what actually landed in Syria?

DAMASCUS, (BM) - At the disposal of the resource were satellite photographs, on which you can see how two, according to sources, strategic Tu-160 bombers, which should be used to launch attacks on terrorists in Idlib and Aleppo. Photo credit: Aviapro Read more: 24/7 – War in Syria: Who controls

Russia has sent a strategic bombers at Hmeimim air base in Syria, US source said

DAMASCUS, (BM) - Some media reported that against the backdrop of the confrontation between Russia, Turkey and Syria, strategic bombers were urgently deployed to the Arab Republic, learned Read more: 24/7 – War in Syria: Who controls what and what happens This step probably would put an end to

Russian forces will help us fight against US troops, the Syrian Kurds said

DAMASCUS, (BM) - After serious clashes between the Syrian Kurds and the US military in the northeastern part of Syria, local residents came out with firm intentions to confront the United States together with the Syrian forces and Russia, learned citing Al Masdar News report. Read more: War in Syria: Who controls what and

Military helicopter was downed in Syria, Russian jets have stopped flying (video)

DAMASCUS, (BM) - A few hours ago terrorists, pro-Turkish or Turkish forces with portable anti-aircraft missile systems destroyed the second Syrian military Mi-8 helicopter over Idlib province this week. Read more: War in Syria: Who controls what and what happens As in the first case, a military rotorcraft was destroyed by fire from the

Russia’s Su-34s destroyed three Turkish multiple launch rocket system

DAMASCUS, (BM) - According local sources yesterday Turkish troops, using Turkish-made MLRS that arrived in Syria a few days ago, tried to launch a missile attack on the Russian military base Khmeimim, hiding behind the legend that these were terrorist actions, learned, citing news agency AviaPro. Read more: The US military

American F-16 has attacked on the area of the Russian air base in Syria

DAMASCUS, (BM) - Flying from the southeast direction, F-16 fighters unexpectedly launched rocket attacks on the area of ​​the Russian military air base in Syria, learned, citing severa; sources. Read more: War in Syria: Who controls what and what happens The strike was delivered less than 3-4 kilometers from the runway

NATO is ready to response of Russian deployment of missile systems in Europe

BRUSSELS, (BM) - The Alliance is preparing a moderate and proportional response to Russia's deployment of new missile weapons systems in Europe. This is one of the topics of the meeting of defense ministers in Brussels, a NATO expert said on condition of anonymity, learned Read more: Ukraine builds military bases in

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