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Rafael Developed a Miniature Electro-Optical Tactical Loitering Munition

JERUSALEM, Israel ( - Israeli companies are continuing to develop loitering weapon systems. Rafael has unveiled a miniature electro-optical tactical loitering munition, designed for light maneuvering ground forces such as infantry, Marines or Special Forces, learned FireFly is also known as the

Israel Unveils Long-Range Missile Against Underground Targets

JERUSALEM, Israel ( - Rafael has unveiled the "Rocks" a very long-range air-ground missile with a capability to penetrate heavy protected targets. This the ultimate standoff air-ground weapon against hardened targets, learned According to Rafael, “Rocks” is an advanced, extended stand-off range

India Will Use the Rafael BNET Software on All Its Combat Aircrafts

JERUSALEM, Israel ( - The Israeli company will supply 1000 systems that will be integrated into all the Indian air force combat aircraft, learned The BNET is the main communication system of the Israeli air force (IAF) existing and future platforms. The BNET system replaces existing radio systems

The U.S. Army will Test the Israeli Iron Dome Defence System

JERUSALEM, Israel ( - The U.S army will test the Israel developed Iron dome defence system for its deployed forces around the world, learned The Iron Dome system developed by Rafael has been operational in the Israeli Air Force since 2011 and has been proven on the battlefield with many operational

Rafael is continuing to develop a 6th generation air-air missile

JERUSALEM, Israel ( - Rafael is continuing to develop a 6th generation air-air missile, learned The missile will have an operational range of well over 100 km. A Rafael source said that there is no immediate operational need for such an air-air missile, but the clients and mainly the Israeli air

The Israeli Navy Will Integrate Rafael’s C-Dome Defense System

JERUSALEM, Israel ( - The Israeli navy and Rafael are cooperating in order to make the installation of the C-Dome naval defence systems on the new SAAR – 6 corvettes as easy as possible, learned The C-Dome Naval defence system is based on the Iron Dome and designed to effectively protect combat

Israeli MoD and Rafael performed a test of Spike anti-tank missile

JERUSALEM, Israel ( - The Israeli ministry of defence and Rafael have performed an advanced test launch of the Spike anti-tank missile from Israeli's new Eitan armored personnel carrier (APC). The launcher has been installed on a special remotely controlled weapons turret that enables to operate different weapon systems

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