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Iranian rockets hit another U.S. military base in Iraq

BAGHDAD, (BM) - Pro-Iranian military units, and according to local media reports the Iranian military at all, fired several missiles today at American military facilities in Baghdad, learned citing several news agencies, including Reuters and MEMO. Read more: 24/7 – Iraqi News, Conflicts in Iraq

A second US military base in Iraq has been attacked

KABUL, (BM) - The Iraqi K1 air base in Kirkuk in the north of the country, used by US forces, was rocket attcked on Thursday, learned, quoting several sources, including TASS and Al Arabiya. Read more: A U.S. military base in western Iraq has been hit by a new rocket attack According to Al Arabiya television station,

Turkey builds a base in Libya; Israeli officers were fired; US wants Patriot in Iraq

PANAGYURISHTE, (BM) – Your briefly report on January 31 in last six hours from Turkey decided to build a military base near Tripoli Ankara is negotiating with the Libyan Government of National Accord (PNS) on the construction of a military base near Tripoli, Al Arabiya TV channel reported citing military sources.

ISIS plans to attack Israel; Iranian general warns of retaliation; Violence in Iraq

PANAGYURISHTE, (BM) – Your briefly report on January 28 in last twelve hours from Islamic State announces ‘new phase’ of attacks: Mainly targeting Israel The Islamic State group vowed Monday to shift its focus from the remnants of its “caliphate” toward making Israel the main target of its attacks. It also called to

Trump has lied -11 US soldiers were injured as a result of Iran’s missile strike

WASHINGTON, (BM) - As a result of Iran’s strike at Ain al-Assad base in Iraq on January 8, 11 US troops were injured, , learned, quoting Defense One report. According to his sources at the Pentagon, this week they were taken to a military hospital in Germany for examination. Read more: Missile attack to U.S. military