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US and German intelligence agencies used a Swiss company for espionage

BERN, (BM) - A joint Cryptoleak study conducted by the Swiss public television program RundschauExternal Link, the German television channel ZDF and the Washington Post newspaper, revealed the fact that the US and German intelligence agencies of the Swiss company use encryption technology to provide global “wiretapping” in more than a hundred

The German Navy’s New F125 Class Frigates, Officially Entered Service

BERLIN, (BM) - FGS Baden-Württemberg, the lead ship of the German Navy’s new F125 class frigates, officially entered service in a ceremony on June 17, learned, quoting Naval Today. Neue Schiffsklasse F125 für unsere Deutsche Marine in Dienst gestellt. Willkommen in der Flotte, Fregatte BADEN WÜRTTEMBERG - Fair winds and

Vehicle maker buys two German armour producers

A global armoured vehicle supplier has announced its acquisition of two German-based armouring companies. The Armoured Group (TAG) has acquired JPA Armouring and Fahrzeugbau Stadthagen, including the two companies’ manufacturing facilities, intellectual property, designs, certifications and testing results, according to a TAG press release.…