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US troops are welcomе in Poland, the Polish Presidend said

It is possible that there will be more American soldiers in Poland, as everyone knows, I have good relations with the President of the United States Donald Trump - said President Andrzej Duda on Tuesday, learned citing

Trump promised to end conflicts with US involvement in the Middle East

WASHINGTON, (BM) - The United States seeks to protect the lives of Americans and end conflicts in the Middle East, and this is what the country's foreign policy in the region is about. This opinion was voiced by American leader Donald Trump during a message to Congress, learned “I’m not going to kill hundreds of thousands

An Iranian lawmaker offered a $3M reward to anyone who killed Donald Trump

TEHRAN, (BM) - An Iranian lawmaker offered a $3 million reward to anyone who killed US President Donald Trump and said Iran could avoid threats if it had nuclear arms, learned according ISNA news agency report on Tuesday amid Tehran’s latest standoff with Washington. Read more: Military and defense analyzes, comments,

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