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Russia Will Modernize 12 Frigates Each Carrying 48 Cruise Missiles On Board

MOSCOW, the Russian Federation ( - Russia is planning to build 12 modernized frigates under the 22350M project, each of which will be capable of carrying 48 Caliber, Onyx and Zircon cruise missiles on board, learned “The main flagship of the series is scheduled to be provided to the Navy in 2027,” a

Improved Longer-Range Kalibr Cruise Missile is Under Development in Russia

MOSCOW, the Russian Federation ( – According to a unnamed source in the military-industrial complex, cited yesterday (8th January) by TASS, a new long-range nuclear cruise missile - the Kalibr-M is currently under development in Russia for the Russian Navy. The state-run news agency reports that new Kalibr-M cruise missile