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Avangard [Vanguard] – Russian hypersonic glide vehicle [review]

The concept for a suborbital stratospheric glide missile was devised in the 1930s by the Austrian engineer Eugen Sänger. During the Cold War, this concept was picked up by the United States and the Soviet Union several times. However, implementation failed due to technical feasibility.

Russia’s Avangard hypersonic weapon cannot be stopped, Norway says

OSLO, (BM) - Russia deployed weapons aimed directly at the United States. None of the known defense systems are able to stop this rocket. The weapon is called "Avangard", and the first two samples took up combat duty during the Christmas holidays. This is the so-called hypersonic glider. Read more: Military and defense analyzes, comments,

The Russian New Nuclear Weapons Seem To Be “No Bluff”

MOSCOW (Russia), March 13, 2018, Author: Galina Zdravkova (Bm), Photo by: RU-RTR Russian Television via AP The Russian Deputy Defence Minister Yuri Borisov underlined in an interview, published on 12th March in the official newspaper of the Russian Ministry of Defence “Krasnaya Zvezda” (in English: “Red Star”) that the announced by Vladimir…