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The Decision about the Future Army of Kosovo Defined as “Irreversible”

PRISTINA, Kosovo ( — Last week Kosovo voted to upgrade its armed security force and create an army and the decision was defined as “irreversible” by the country’s president on Sunday (16th December 2018). President Hashim Thaci also offered assurance that the decision will not threaten the ethnic Serbs living in the former

$6.5 Billion Approved by India for Military Purposes

NEW DELHI, India (, 27 August 2018, Editor: Bm Team, Photo credit: Ka-226 Russian Air Force $6.5 billion has been approved by India for military purposes, part of which is for upgrading of the ageing defence equipment by purchasing 111 naval helicopters, learned This comes as…

Some Underwater Stones in Military Deals That May Cost Billions

SOFIA (Bulgaria), July 5, 2018, Source: Mediapool, Nikola Lalov, Photo credit: The government intends within the next several months to solve the three biggest projects for the modernization of the Army – the purchase of new type of fighter jets, armoured vehicles and ships, which represent the most serious investment program in the Army…