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Top 5 best assault rifles in the world

Among the many options for equipping soldiers, it is an automatic weapon that is effective and easy to use. To guarantee the ability to defend or destroy enemies, you need reliable, comfortable and killer machines.

The High Accuracy and Ergonomic AK-200 (AK12) Assault Rifle Enters Service in Russia

MOSCOW, the Russian Federation ( - The military subdivisions of the National Guard of Russia begin their rearmament with the newest assault rifle developed under the Kalashnikov brand - AK-200, learned, according to a source from the Russian military-industrial complex. Read more: The AK-12 Assault

The AK-12 Assault Rifle Enters Service with the Airborne Troops of Russia

MOSCOW, the Russian Federation ( - The first batches of the latest Russian AK-12 assault rifles, 5.45 mm caliber, were handed over by the Ministry of Defence and entered service with the Russian Airborne Troops (Vozdushno-Desantnye Voyska - VDV), learned According to a source from the