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The only way in which is financing is through the advertising services of a single company – Google.

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We believe that content should be accessible, and journalism should be independent. To achieve this, we must not be associated with people and companies in the defense business or government departments and agencies of any country.

The ads allow us to help finance our field sources, who work on the hottest and most dangerous military points in the world. The advertisements keep this site alive, and help us to constantly strive to provide you with up-to-date information.

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As you already know, we will not ask you for money, monthly subscription, personal data to access an account, etc.

You can only help us by not using software and online programs that block our ads. We believe that this minimal effort costs you nothing.

How are our ads different?

We understand that some sites offer intrusive, persistent, inappropriate, or redundant advertising. Unfortunately, these sites make you think we do the same. Although we want to do so, we refrain from such a practice. Our ad is different because:

1. We do not have repeated and often intrusive pop-ups with any advertising offers.
2. We have a strict sequence of adpositions that do not change.
3. We have strictly defined ad sizes that do not change.

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We are present on your home computers or mobile devices, in your search history, or your chosen online applications.

I believe that access to free information is an inalienable right of everyone in the world. Each of us must know what is happening to be informed and to distinguish between attempts at manipulation, false news, and truth.

Please support us by not using software or an online ad-blocking program. We exist because this advertising content is part of our strategy for fast, independent, and free access to news.

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