It’s not a sniper rifle. It’s not an anti-tank systems. It’s the Russian PTRS anti-tank rifle

The second version of the anti-tank rifle presented by Simonov was so good that by the decision of the State Defense Committee of August 29, 1941, a decision was made, quite rare for a belligerent country, to launch two versions of anti-tank rifles.


EU celebrates the Europe Day – a holiday of European solidarity

The European Commission notes in its communiqué that Europe Day festivities are held in 2020 in all EU member states "in exceptional circumstances, as Europe is actively fighting on all fronts to overcome the coronavirus crisis"


The Serbs did hit two US F-117s, one of the pilots confirmed

The Serbs did hit two US F-117s, one of the pilots confirmed. During Operation Allied Force in March 1999, Serbian air defense managed to hit not one, as reported so far, but two F-117 Nighthawk bombers.

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