Science & Space

It is a well-known fact that much of today’s modern technology that we, as humans, encounter or work with, is a product of military development and military science. You will find here various scientific information related to medicine, space, military technological developments, physics, biology and much more.

Military Science

Russian scientific companies have learned to identify suicide bombers

Specialists of the 5th Scientific Company of the Ground Forces of the Russian Army were able to create a new complex that would allow detecting the so-called suicide belts in crowded places, learned citing the Popular Mechanics magazine.



A reagent for a 20-minute analysis on coronavirus was created in South Korea

Specialists from the Daegu Institute of Science and Technology and the Gyeongsangbuk-do Province have created a reagent using which the COVID-19 coronavirus test will take only 20 minutes.


The coronavirus may be recognized as a biological weapon, Iran said

Iran is exploring the possibility that coronavirus may be a biological weapon in its origin. This was announced on April 12 by the head of the health department of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the country, Hassan Araghizadeh

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