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Multipurpose Armoured Truck Conveyor MT-LB-M1

Multipurpose Armoured Truck Conveyor MT-LB-M1

PLOVDIV (Bulgaria), May 31, 2018, Author: Galina Zdravkova, Photo: Terem

The MT-LB М1 is an armoured tracked vehicle. It is mainly used for transportation of soldiers, people, and loads. It can also be used for pulling of a trailer of total weight of 6.5 t, surveillance of the battle-field with making of records and conducting of combat operations. It successfully overcomes water obstacles as well as a maximum angle of 25º with a trailer and load on dry soil, a maximum angle of 35º with a load on dry soil and a side gradient of 25º on dry soil.

The vehicle is 6500 mm long, and 2630 mm high (when the multisensory system is taken in). The width (at the continuous tracks) is 3000 mm. The combat weight is 10800 kg. The vehicle is equipped with planetary-friction steering mechanisms and a diesel engine (V8) of 310 hp and 1207 Nm. Its manual gearbox has six gears.

The armaments of the MT-LB M1 include two turrets. In turret 1, it is located a 7.62 mm PKT machine-gun, and in turret 2 – a 7.62-mm PKT machine-gun, a 14.5 mm KPVT machine gun, sight – Zora-2, and “Tucha” system.

The WEBASTO air-conditioning system, with which the MT-LB M1 armoured vehicle is equipped, is a two-zone one with independent adjustment. The total cooling power is 8.7 KW, and the total airflow is – 920 m3. The 24 V, 4 kW constant power generator is water-cooled and it also charges the accumulators of the MT-LB M1.

The power of the WEBASTO heating system of the MT-LB M1 is 1.5-5.5 Kw, and the airflow is 200/220 m3. The fuel consumption of the heating installation is 0.16-0.52 l/h.

The MT-LB M1 has a multisensory system for surveillance with resolution of veillance with resolution of 384х288/640х480. The brightness and contrast are adjusted automatically. The thermal sensitivity (NETD) of the system is 50mK F1.0. The video surveillance security system is provided with an analog video output format CCIR (PAL), RS-170(NTSC), and a digital video output – USB 2.0. The system works at temperatures from -32º to +55º.The available vision devices of the MT-LB M1 are of the types TNPO-170 and TVN-2BM. TVN-2BM is a driver’s vision device.

Innovative continuous tracks of the company “DIEHL” may be applied to the MT-LB M1.

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Common Platform for Various Missions and Applications – PIRAHNA

Common platform for various missions and applications - PIRAHNA

PLOVDIV (Bulgaria), June 1, 2018, Text: General Dynamics, Photo: General Dynamics 

Vehicle Concept – A vehicle platform that is in service with armed forces on all continents; Continually evolving to meet latest operational requirements; Integration of latest cutting-edge technologies in survivability and mobility; Unique payload/gross vehicle weight ratio; Compact size with a large utilizable interior space.

Survivability – Modular, exchangeable protection concept adaptable to various threats; Different add-on modules that can be installed in the field for specific missions; Ballistic protection against KE, projectiles, fragments and bomblets; Mine protection against Anti-Tanks (AT) blast mines, claymore – type mines, and protection against Rocked Propelled Grenades (RPG), Explosive Formed Penetrators (EFP), Improvised Explosive Devices(IED), and artillery shells; Active Protection System against Anti-tank Guided Missiles (TGM).

Mobility – Independent wheel suspension with high vertical wheel travel, proven in all types of terrains under all climate conditions; High performance and outstanding reliability; Optional amphibious capability for rivers, lakes and seawater.

Mission Roles – Armored Personnel Carrier (APC), Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV), NBC Reconnaissance, Command, Control & Communication, Maintenance, Recovery, and Ambulance variants. Other customer specific variants are available. Through life support by an integrated approach to maintenance and supply, high system availability, ease of maintenance and low life cycle costs.

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PLOVDIV (Bulgaria), June 1, 2018, Text: WB GROUP, Photo: WB GROUP

Micro Combat Unmanned Aircraft System WARMATE (Micro C-UAS WARMATE) is designed in order to support the following combat operations, depending on the payload in use:

– Surveillance, detection, recognition and identification of the objects of interest (EO/IR payload GS9),

– Detection and strike against the enemy personnel (EO-fragmentation charge warhead),

– Detection and strike against the enemy’s light armored vehicles (EO-linear cumulative charge warhead).

The selection of the mission profile is being performed by choosing the proper payload/warhead just before the system operation. The payloads are interchangeable by sharing common interfaces. Micro C-UAS WARMATE can be operated as an autonomous and independent system, being transported by the army or special forces troops. The system has also the capability of being installed onboard the military vehicles, such us the terrain vehicle or armored personnel carrier. The subsystem as the Ground Control Station or Ground Data Terminal can be seamlessly integrated with the vehicle’s onboard installation making it a part of the system.

Micro C-UAS WARMATE is an alternative solution related to ATM/APM being much cheaper and allowing for the wider radius operations (10 km) with the possibility to Hunt&Kill missions for the extended period of time (30 minutes in the air). The operator has the ability to make sure the observed object is a real target to be engaged. WARMATE is a micro representative of the loitering munition class weapon. The system can be easily extended with the laser seeker capability.

The warheads installed onboard WARMATE air vehicle were designed and manufactured by Military Armament Institute (Poland) in partnership with WB Electronics S.A.

The WARMATE air vehicle, in the combat mission is an one-time, expendable solution. On the other hand, equipped with the EO/IR payload can be recovered using deep-stall landing.

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President and Minister Impressed by an Indigenous Product Sold Worldwide (updated)

President and Minister Impressed by an Indigenous Product Sold Worldwide

PLOVDIV (Bulgaria), May 31, 2018, Author: Bm team, Photos: Boyko Nikolov

The president of the Republic of Bulgaria, Mr Rumen Radev and the Minister of Defence, Mr Krasimir Karakachanov, opened the 13th International Defence Equipment Exhibition “HEMUS 2018 – Defence, Antiterrorism and Security” in Plovdiv, which started on 30th May.

By tradition, both politicians were introduced to all participants at the exhibition, which, besides the local representative of the sector, is also attended by not a small number of Western companies.

Perhaps the greatest impression was created exactly by an indigenous product of the company Opticoelectron, which, in the recent months, has become a hit with the international defence industry sector, and namely the NIRECON night vision goggles.

President and Minister Impressed by an Indigenous Product Sold Worldwide

First the president and after that the minister spared enough time to take a closer view of the night vision goggles. Their uniqueness is due to the fact that the engineers of Opticoelectron have managed to achieve optics of high quality within extremely small and compact size and weight of only 350 gr.

“These are the smallest night vision goggles in the world. They are not developed this year, but we have decided that exactly this year is appropriate for them to be promoted. Since the beginning of the year we have sold hundreds of them, and we also have already contracts for their manufacturing and delivery in the coming years,” commented the representatives of the company at the exhibition stand.

Minister Karakachanov personally decided to test the functionality and compactness of the product and remained fascinated and intrigued by its possible applications.

President and Minister Impressed by an Indigenous Product Sold Worldwide

On 1st June the exhibition stand of Opticoelectron was also visited by the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria Mr Tomislav Donchev. With undisguised interest he closely examined the technological developments of the company in the field of military optics, as well as the most popular product in Europe in the field of the military optics – the NIRECON night vision goggles.

Opticoelectron did not want to share with the media the specifics discussed with the Minister regarding one of its best-selling products in the recent months.

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Small Night Vision Goggles, Developed by a Big Production Team

Small Night Vision Goggles, Developed by a Big Production Team

PLOVDIV (Bulgaria), May 31, 2018, Author: Boyko Nikolov, Photo: Hristo Elkin

The military business is quite different from the imposed, during the last years, market practices. Here one cannot allow a product of low quality, because on it would probably depend not one, but many lives. And in contrast with the civilian market, on the military market, brand still means proven international quality, standing behind it.

Opticoelectron has passed a serious path during the past ‘democratic’ years in Bulgaria. It changed its structure, integrated quality policies, labour and human resources, conforming them to the global requirements and standards, and invested in manufacturing powers of the highest level.

Today, not for nothing is the company considered to be one of the major optical players in Europe. Do not be surprised if other well-known brands entrust their production to them or if you just notice their products, used as part of the obligatory equipment of foreign armies.

Their highly competitive design department is the main reason the idea about the night vision goggles, Nirecon, to be born. These are probably the smallest and lightest night vision goggles ever produced in the world. With the weight of just 350 gr they turn into a compact and easy-to-use product. Their clean design is not a flaw, but an advantage, because, despite it, Nirecon has the most important thing – high-quality optics, and a really frightening serious efficiency in night conditions.

The base model has a magnification of 1х, but presently on the ground of customers’ inquiries, it is being produced goggles with magnification of 3x and 5x, which once again confirms their flexibility and variation capabilities during their production. The goggles may also have different Image intensifier tube generations–2+ and 3

Probably my greatest impression from them is the functions, which you will use, embedded within small dimensions (155х53х58 mm), and namely:

–              Embedded IR Illuminator;

–              Indication for operation of the Illuminator;

–              Low battery voltage indication;

–              Protection against reverse battery polarity;

–              Automatic control of the brightness;

–              System switching off automatically;

–              Exit pupil diameter of 9 mm.

Moreover, with their black mat colour, they turn into obligatory military equipment. If we liken them to something familiar from our everyday life, we would say that under “their lid” it is hidden a “powerful beast” waiting to be released.

Yes, Nirecon are small night vision goggles, developed by a big production team.

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