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All about the biggest military deals between governments and private companies around the world. Military & Defense Market and Finance is a category provides basic information about the value of the $US and the stock market of the largest American military manufacturers.

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Russian SAMs, drones and radars ordered from the Far East

The TASS news agency reports that a batch of the Russian Pantsir-S1 mobile surface-to-air missile system goes to the far eastern country of Myanmar. The agreement between the two countries also includes the supply of Orlan-10E drones and radars, learned



US and China are increasing arms exports, Russia in retreat

The Swedish foundation SIPRI published the largest defense industry companies' sales results in the world for 2019, learned citing Defence24.

Russia has sold anti-aircraft missile systems over the past 20 years for $30 billion

About $30 billion is the turnover of the Russian defense industry in the field of anti-aircraft missile systems for the last 20 years, BulgarianMilitary has learned, citing data provided by the…

Gripen by SAAB might change the Indian economy

NEW DELHI, (BM) - Saab AB wants control of local manufacturing in India if it beats the likes of Boeing Co. and Lockheed Martin Corp. in the race for the world’s biggest warplane contract, learned

US Defence Executives Expected Governments to Boost Spending in New Technologies

PARIS, (BM) - US defence executives sounded a bullish note on the outlook for the industry on the eve of the Paris air show, saying they expected governments to boost spending in new technologies to

EU Defence and Security Cooperation After Brexit

BRUSSELS, (BM) - Europe’s security architecture has significantly changed over the past ten years. The deteriorating security situation around Europe prompted a movement to remodel European

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