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Elbit Systems Presents Advanced Systems and Market Leading Capabilities at DSEI Exhibition 2017

Elbit Systems

Having been involved in major UK procurement programmes, including the WatchKeeper UAS project and the UK Military Flying Training Systems (MFTS) programme, Elbit Systems aims to keep expanding its UK business by leveraging its global experience and reputation, bringing proven advanced technologies and innovative solutions to meet the specific UK market needs. At Defence & Security Equipment International (DSEI) 2017, at ExCel in London on September 12th -15th 2017, Elbit Systems will showcase a set of market leading technology solutions designed to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s battlefield.

The company’s booth S2-320 will focus on four main areas:

Sensor to shooter: A demonstration of networked Digital Fires components

Visitors to the Company’s booth will experience a demonstration of a cutting edge, field proven digital fires solution. A scenario comprising of dismounted force, mounted and HQ units, will demonstrate an agile approach to overcome battlefield challenges including complex terrain, short life time targets, adverse visibility conditions, mixed population and force safety. Showcasing a range of Elbit System’s capabilities and systems, the live demonstration starts with target acquisition by dismounted assets, seamlessly disseminating ‘call for fire’ data across tactical echelons queuing the deployment and activation of the precision guided munitions from a light vehicle-mounted fully autonomous 120mm mortar system.

The solution will be presented through a number of equipment capabilities consisting of the following major components:

Dismounted Situational Awareness (DSA): Soldiers fully equipped with DOMINATOR™ the company’s well tested infantry modern soldier suite comprised of in-house hardware components and battlefield applications integrated with advanced Load Carriage System.

C5I2SR layer: Demonstrating Combat NG the latest generation of Elbit Systems’ combat proven C4ISR system for field artillery and TORC2H™ System the operational command & control application. All running on advanced military grade End User Devices (EUDs): RAPTOR™, ETC™ and SMARTVIEW™.

Radio & Communication Systems: A complete package of Software Defined Radio (SDR) systems enabling robust communication across all units and echelons, comprising of E-LynX™ family of multi-waveform tactical IP radios including MCTR-7200, PNR-1000 lightweight personal network radio, the HF-8000 multi-adaptive HF radio systems for continuous long-range communications, and GRX-8000 ECCM high capacity frequency-hopping radio relay system.

Mounted Fires Asset: A light 4X4 vehicle equipped with SPEAR MK2 Elbit Systems’ computerized and fully autonomous soft recoil 120mm mortar system, GPS and laser guided 120mm mortar, battle-proven high-performance Enhanced Tactical Computer (ETC), SmarTMR™ the advanced routing and central computing unit, ELSAT 2100 the tactical satellite solution for on-the-move beyond line-of-sight communication, and Elbit Systems’ Laser Warning System (E-LAWS) and Threat Detection System (TDS).

Head Mounted Displays

IronVision™ Visitors to the company’s booth will be able to try on Elbit Systems’ innovative ‘See-Through Armour’ Helmet-Mounted Displays (HMDs) for Tanks and Armoured Vehicles. By applying Elbit Systems’ globally acclaimed ‘head-up, eyes-out’ aerial technology to the closed hatched armored vehicle environment, IronVision™ generates an image that enables the crew to ‘see through’ their armoured vehicles, helping them overcome inherent visibility limitations, while improving mission efficiency and safety. Advanced sensors transmit real-time, zero latency, high-resolution video to the HMDs, providing the crew with a natural, conformal view of the vehicle surroundings. Pre-loaded terrain and obstacle information, combined with smart, intuitive symbology, provide a unified, intuitive image of the world outside, relieving the crew of the mental load of having to interpret data from multiple sources, while improving situational awareness.

Brightnite™ Visitors to the company’s booth will be able to experience a virtual reality demonstration of the BrightNite system that enables intuitive head-up, eyes-out orientation flight in extreme low visibility conditions. This system is a multi-spectral end to end panoramic piloting solution that fuses multiple day and night cameras into one clear intuitive piloting picture regardless of outer light conditions and delivers the landscape scenery directly to both eyes of the pilot, including 2D flight symbology, 3D mission symbology and Elbit Systems’ unique brownout symbology.

Unmanned Systems

Skylark™ 3 (displayed in mockup) A tactical mini-UAS optimized for either dismounted or vehicle-based operation, delivering organic airborne Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR) capabilities to the division, brigade and battalion levels (100km Line Of Sight ) enabling force, convoy and strategic infrastructure protection. Skylark 3 enables performance of ongoing covert operations, providing real-time intelligence day and night.

Skylark™ I-LEX (displayed in mockup) A man-portable fully operational electric propelled UAS best suited for organic “beyond the next hill” reconnaissance, counter insurgency and force protection missions (40km Line Of Sight), as well as civil applications including perimeter security, border and coastal surveillance, anti-terror and a variety of law enforcement missions.

ReDrone is an advanced anti-drone protection system designed to detect, identify, track and neutralize different types of drones at a designated airspace. The system is capable of pinpointing both the drone and its operator’s directions. The advanced detection system provides 360-degree perimeter protection and complete, up-to-the-minute situational awareness. It can also deal with several drones simultaneously. After detecting a target, the ReDrone system disrupts the drone’s communication with its operator, blocks its radio and video signals and GPS positioning data, and sends it off track, preventing it from carrying out an attack.

Seagull™ is an Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV) system. Seagull is equipped to perform versatile missions with modular payloads such as dipping sonar and torpedoes to detect and engage submarines, towed side scan sonar/ SAS and mine identification and neutralization payloads. Seagull is also designed to carry out unmanned maritime missions such as protection of critical sea areas, electronic warfare, hydrographical survey missions and more. Seagull has performed successful demonstrations charting both familiar and unfamiliar territory in extreme sailing conditions.

Electronic Warfare (EW) Systems

Elbit Systems offers a wide range of technologically superior and operationally proven EW solutions for Naval, Land and Aerial environments.

Presented via multimedia will be:

AQUA MARINE is a family of combat-proven digital, modular naval EW suites for first and second line naval platforms operating in littoral and blue waters environments. AQUA MARINE provides today’s naval fleet with situational awareness capabilities, comprehensive frequency coverage, high intercept probability, innovative signal processing and advanced jamming technologies. Modern algorithms, involving Artificial Intelligence (AI), are used to generate realistic arena visualization to the operator. Laser warning, COMINT, ship self-defense and task group- defense forged to a complete EW image are presented and reported in the most effective way to the ship commander, also to be used by other combat systems on board the ship. These systems are based on extensive field experience of over four decades of success with customers worldwide.

TIMNEX III is an operationally proven Intelligence Collection System (ICS) for naval operation. This Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) system integrates Electronic Support Measures (ESM), Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) and Communications Intelligence (COMINT) enhanced capabilities as well as advanced digital processing to cope with the complex, versatile modern electromagnetic environment.

Light SPEAR™ is a unique Electronic Attack (EA) and self-protection system for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), Light SPEAR is a compact, extremely lightweight self-protection jamming system for UAS. It improves UAS survivability and meets the growing need to operate and collect accurate intelligence in highly hostile environments. The system allows easy integration with an array of transmitters and platforms, and its low Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) consumption makes it an ideal EW system for multiple operational platforms.

Elbit systems

SPEAR MK2 mortar system © Elbit systems

All-in-Small™ Complete Airborne Self-Protection Suite An extremely small and lightweight integrated EW suite in a single line replaceable units All-in-Small can be effectively integrated with Direct Infrared Counter Measures (DIRCM) systems due to its high range detection and Direction Finding (DF) accuracy and enables quick and efficient jamming.

PAWS Family is a combat proven cross-platform family of Infra-Red (IR) Passive Airborne Warning Systems. A comprehensive self-protection solution, PAWS provides effective protection for all airborne platform-types against the most challenging modern and future threats. It detects tracks and identifies incoming missiles, alerts and initiates timely flare dispensing and precisely cues DIRCM towards an approaching missile. PAWS is installed in a distributed configuration over the aircraft’s skin, in a dedicated pod/bay, or in a pylon, and operates either as a stand-alone, self-contained system, or as part of a complete EW suite.

Air Keeper is a unified airborne intelligence and EA solution for mission aircraft. Air Keeper seamlessly integrates a wide range of intelligence gathering and EW capabilities, enabling powerful control over the electromagnetic spectrum. Combining operational elements – ESM/ELINT, Electronic Countermeasures (ECM), COMINT, Communications Jamming (COMJAM), and Command & Control (C2) – all operated and managed by a single entity onboard a platform, it provides mission commanders with a complete, real-time, electronic picture of the arena, while targeting communications, radar and other assets to reduce the effectiveness of enemy radar and communications systems. It allows conversion of any existing cargo, transport, or passenger aircraft into a strategic and tactical special mission (such as intelligence gathering and EA) aircraft, and can be integrated with existing self-protection solutions onboard the platform.

Integrated Electronic Warfare System (IEW) is a highly advanced, fully integrated ESM/ELINT, COMINT, ECM, COMJAM and Command and Control system for all operational EW demands. IEWS solution enables passive and active intelligence, including collection, processing and exploitation, EW countermeasures and command and control, All-in-One comprehensive, integratable and customizable system. It provides decision-makers with a complete, real-time SIGINT and EW picture of the arena and powerfully responds to existing and emerging threats from airborne, naval and ground platforms, enabling real-time situational awareness and simultaneous operation of elements for Electronic Support (ES) and EA.

About Elbit Systems

Elbit Systems Ltd. is an international high technology company engaged in a wide range of defense, homeland security and commercial programs throughout the world. The Company, which includes Elbit Systems and its subsidiaries, operates in the areas of aerospace, land and naval systems, command, control, communications, computers, intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance (“C4ISR”), unmanned aircraft systems, advanced electro-optics, electro-optic space systems, EW suites, signal intelligence systems, data links and communications systems, radios and cyber-based systems. The Company also focuses on the upgrading of existing platforms, developing new technologies for defense, homeland security and commercial applications and providing a range of support services, including training and simulation systems

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Oshkosh Defense Announces Two Orders Totalling $235.2 Million

Oshkosh Defense Announces Two Orders Totalling $235.2 Million

OSHKOSH (Wisconsin, the USA), May 25, 2018, Author: Galina Zdravkova, Photo: Wikipedia

The tactical vehicle manufacturer, Oshkosh Defense, announced on 23rd May 2018 that it was awarded two delivery orders at the total amount of $235.2 million from the U.S. Army Tank-Automotive and Armaments Command (TACOM). The scope of the agreement includes recapitalisation of vehicles in the heavy vehicle fleet of the U.S. Army, reported Shephard Media.

The recapitalisation of the vehicles in the army’s Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Trucks (HEMTT) and Palletised Load Systems (PLS) fleets will involve upgrading to the latest configuration and the same zero-mile, zero-hour condition as new vehicles.

Under the contract 410 vehicles will be recapitalised and 680 new PLS trailers will be manufactured. Deliveries will start in the Fiscal Year 2019.

“The mark of any good investment is its ability to withstand the test of time. The longevity of the HEMTT and PLS fleets combined with the durability of the platform attest to the value of these mission critical vehicles,” said Pat Williams, VP and general manager of army and marine corps programmes for Oshkosh Defense.

More than 13,000 HEMTT and 3,000 PLS has been recapitalised by Oshkosh Defense since 1995.
The Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck (HEMTT) is an eight-wheel drive, diesel-powered with weight of 9,100 kg.

The Palletized Load System (PLS) is designed to carry ammunition and other critical supplies.

Photo: U.S. Army soldiers unload a Mk2 Bridge Erection Boat from a M1977A2 CBT HEMTT into the Missouri River

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Bulava ICBMs Were Test Fired from the Yury Dolgorukiy Submarine

Bulava ICBMs Were Test Fired from the Yury Dolgorukiy Submarine

MOSCOW (Russia), May 25, 2018, Author: Bm News Team, Photo: Wikipedia (K-535 Yuri Dolgorukiy at sea trials)

On 22nd May 2018 four Bulava intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) were test fired from the Yury Dolgorukiy nuclear submarine of Russia. The test was successful. That was announced by the military in a statement, which was quoted by the state news agencies, reported Shephard Media.

The missiles were fired from the submerged Yury Dolgorukiy submarine in the White Sea on the north-western coast of Russia. The Navy’s northern fleet revealed that the target was a military test ground on the far eastern Kamchatka peninsula.

According to the Navy it was the first time when such a number of missiles are fired from such a type of submarine. The tactical and technical characteristics and reliability of the Yury Dolgorukiy strategic missile submarine and the Bulava missile system were confirmed.

The weight of the Yury Dolgorukiy submarine is 14,720 t. It reaches the speed of 46 km/h. The submarine is from the fourth-generation Borei class of strategic submarines and is designated to carry the Bulava intercontinental nuclear-capable missiles. The first sea trials of that submarine began on 19 June 2009 and the submarine was commissioned on 10 January 2013.

The Bulava is a submarine-launched ballistic missile developed for the Russian Navy. The operational range of the missile is reported to be 8,000-8,300 km, and the accuracy – 350 m.

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AeroVironment Announces a New Switchblade Order

AeroVironment Announces a New Switchblade Order

TAMPA (Florida, the USA, at SOFIC), May 23, 2018, Author: Galina Zdravkova, Photo: AeroVironment

On 22nd May 2018, the manufacturer of unmanned aircraft systems for both military and commercial purposes, AeroVironment, Inc., announced that it has received an order from the U.S. Army for the Switchblade Lethal Miniature Aerial Missile System (LMAMS) and logistics support. That takes the total value of Switchblade awards to $111,054,202 since August 2017. The agreement has been concluded in April 2018 and involves the first Switchblade order for the needs of the United States Marine Corps.

The vice president and general manager of the Unmanned Aircraft Systems business segment of AeroVironment, Kirk Flittie, explained “Switchblade is a highly effective and mature smart weapon system that delivers unmatched force protection and precision strike capabilities to American forces with minimal to no collateral effects. Man-portable and lightweight, Switchblade is a uniquely powerful LMAMS solution for today’s complex combat environments. AeroVironment stands ready, with a battle-proven product, supply chain and production system, to respond rapidly to this and future requirements to ensure U.S. and allied forces can proceed with certainty.”

The AeroVironment Switchblade features rapid-response force protection. The strike is precise with a range of up to 10 km from the launch location. Besides its extremely preciseness, it has specialized effects and wave-off capability and impresses with its compact dimensions – it fits in an ALICE pack and weighs about 2.5 kg. The warheads of the Switchblade are supplied by the Orbital ATK – a global leader in the aerospace and defence technologies sector.

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Lockheed Martin Awarded BAE Systems a $100 Million+ Contract

Lockheed Martin Awarded BAE Systems a $100 Million+ Contract

LONDON (United Kingdom), May 23, 2018, Author: Bm News Team, Photo: BAE Systems

The global security and aerospace company, Lockheed Martin, has awarded BAE Systems a contract exceeding the amount of $100 million. The duties of BAE Systems under the contract include maintenance and replacement of the F-35 Lightning II fighter aircraft electronic warfare systems, reported FlightGlobal.

The scope of the contract includes management of the supply chain for the electronic warfare system and maintenance of local warehouses with on-hand inventories of major components.

BAE Systems is the manufacturer of the electronic warfare suite for the needs of the F-35 of Lockheed Martin, known as the AN/ASQ-239 Barracuda system. The avionics and sensors of the system provide a 360-degree view of the area surrounding the aircraft, detecting and geo-locating electronic emitters for giving the pilots the opportunity of evading, engaging, countering or jamming threats. All these capabilities are of great importance in terms of the purposes for which the F-35 Lightning II fighter aircraft has been designed, and namely – ground attack and air superiority missions.

BAE Systems specified that the contract has been agreed to be based on performance-based logistics and that repair and upgrade of the ASQ-239 is included. Under the contract we will see the company supporting all F-35 versions and customers all over the world.

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