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1. About

Opticoelectron Group JSCo is one of the most advanced companies specialized in optomechanical, optoelectronic and laser devices and systems for defence and security, medicine, device-building, machine-building. The company has more than 45 years old history and traditions, and it is considered as a leader of optical devices production in Bulgaria, as well as an international market leader.

It has a closed cycle of production starting from research and development going through production process to marketing, promoting and trading inished products. The company head office and its premises are in the town of Panagyurishte which is 90 km. south-east of capital city Sofia and 80 km. north-west of Plovdiv (the second largest city in Bulgaria). It is located in an Industrial Park of 260 000 sq.m. where 108 000 sq.m. of the total area are production plots.

Over 97% of total production goes on export to EU countries, North America and the Middle East. Opticoelectron Group JSC is ISO 9001:2008 certified since 2001. Our NATO Commercial and Governmental Entity code (NCAGE) is 000DU. Opticoelectron Group JSC has obtained a Certificate for Registry in the field of international relations “NATO-SECRET” and a Certificate for access to operate with state classified information. The company also has a statute of supplier for US Government – DUNS Registration.

Key defence products in our portfolio are as follow: anti-aircraft and ground artillery sights for firing in daytime and in nightime; day, night and thermal optical sights, SWIR lenses, laser range finders, laser target designators, optical systems for armoured vehicles, video observation and surveillance systems.

2. Manufacturer facilities

Plant for Optics – We manufacture precise optical components and assemblies, based on proved and advanced optical technologies, sophisticated equipment and experience since 1971, and it is operated by an integrated system for quality assurance ISO 9001.
We manufacture:
– spherical lenses
– flat optics
– prisms and wedges
– optical coatings
– achromatic doublets and triples
– optical assemblies
– optical reticles
– radii test plates
– mounted objective and ocular lenses

Optomechanic – Optomechanical department manufactured parts and assemblies in the field of precision mechanics and optomechanical civil proceedings, and defense industry. The company has a programming workshop equipped with high-tech CNC Machines for the production of parts with complex geometric configuration and accuracy 0,002 mm

Optoform New – Design and manufacturing of modules and dies for parts made of plastics, phenol resin, rubber and Al alloys with overall sizes 1100x1100x800mm. Design and manufacturing of dies for press machines up to 100 tons and material thickness up to 10 mm. Manufacturing of non- standard equipment including appliances, stands, assemblies and spare parts.

Ectron – Ectron can assembly and test optomechanical and optoelectronic devices including day and night sights, magnifiers, microscopes.
The Testing Laboratory performs tests according to NATO Standards.
– ORI Station
– Climate chambers
– Collimators
– Pressure Chambers
– Vibrations Stand
– Shooting Simulator
– Transport Simulation

3. Producst

– Optical Sights for Artillery Systems
– Optical sights for Grenada Launcgers
– Gunner Devices and Accessories
– Grenade Launcher Containers and Accessories
– Reconnaissance and Distance Measuring Devices
– Optical Sights for Fire Arms
– Night Visiosn Sights, Monoculars and Goggles
– Collimating Sights and Red Dot Sights
– Laser Target Designators and IR Searchlights
– Tactical Laser Flashlights
– Thermal Sights and Imagers
– Swir Lenses
– Surveillance and observation Systems
– Armoyred Vehicles
– Drone Technologies
– Security Systems

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