MTG Dolphin Plc


MTG Dolphin Shipyard is located at the northern shore of Varna lake, right in the middle between Varna East and Varna West port, with unrestricted access to the Black Sea.A team of over 700 professionals with considerable experience in the industry work hard for delivering quality shipbuilding, repair and docking service to our customers from all over the world. We bring individual approach to each client, flexibility and experience, technical and commercial reliability.


Ship Building
For the last 25 years “MTG Dolphin” managed to prove itself as a successful brand and today exports over 95% of its production. Over the years the company takes and copes with unique technical challenges for Bulgaria, proving the capabilities of its team.

MTG Dolphin is the only Yard in Bulgaria that:

– Builds highly technological and complex vessels

– Has proven experience in designing and building of competitive products with international recognition.

Ship Repair
We repair on average 60 different type of vessels per year with total DWT in excess of 1 500 000 t. We understand that time and budgets are important, and that safety is compulsory and we work hard to provide quick and high quality repairs at competitive prices.

– Docking of vessels up to 18’000 tons of displacement;

– Complex repair of surface vessels, including radar stations, navigation and other equipment;

– All kinds of steel work;

– Hull and tank blasting and painting (including hydro-blasting and tank coating);

– Repair of main and auxiliary diesel engines, steam turbines, compressors, pumps, heat exchangers, boilers, etc.

– Repair of tail shafts, steering gears and bowthrusters;

– Repair of electric, hydraulic and pneumatic gears, aggregates and systems;

– Repair of control and measuring apparatus, electronic devices and systems;

– Accommodation repairs, including refurbishing;

– Stainless steel repairs

– Turbochargers repairs

– Governors repairs

– Fuel pumps repair

– Pipe repairs

Having years of experience in shiprepairs and shipbuilding, and our own design team, we are able to undertake conversion projects, including modifications, jumbodising (lengthening and widening of the vessel), modernization of equipment and ccommodation, refurbishment, upgrading of electrical and navigational systems, etc.

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