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China Said It Would Sanction U.S. Firms That Participate in Arms Sales to Taiwan

BEIJING, (BM) - China said it would sanction U.S. firms that participate in arms sales to Taiwan, a retaliatory move that is expected to have minimal effect on defense companies but is likely to further complicate efforts to resolve the simmering trade dispute between Beijing and Washington, learned, quoting AlJazeera.

We Have a Predator Living in the White House, Sen. Kamala Harris said

WASHINGTON, (BM) - Sen. Kamala Harris labeled President Donald Trump a "predator" that she could take on due to her background as a prosecutor - a new line of attack against the president as the California Democrat is surging following her debate performance last week, learned BM, quoting US Today. While speaking in Iowa Wednesday, Harris

Iran Warned the United States Against Violation of Its Borders

TEHRAN, (BM) - Iran warned the United States against violation of its borders, with parliament speaker Ali Larijani threatening a stronger reaction, a week after Tehran shot down a U.S. drone, spiking tension between them, learned, quoting Reuters. “The downing of their drone was a good experience for them to avoid any

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