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War in Syria

Tension: Syrian army encircles four Turkish observation posts in Idlib

ANKARA, (BM) - Four Turkish observation posts and two military positions in Idlib are located in the territory controlled by the Syrian army, Turkish Minister of Defense Hulusi Akar said in an interview with the Associated Press, learned citing RIA Novosti. Read more: Turkey announced possible air strikes over Damascus

Turkey announced possible air strikes over Damascus

ANKARA, (BM) - Head of the opposition Nationalist Movement Party (PNA) of Turkey Devlet Bahceli called diplomatic efforts to resolve the Syrian crisis meaningless, learned quoting Anadolu agency. “Without the overthrow of Bashar al-Assad, stability cannot be achieved in Syria or Turkey. The Turkish people should plan a

The attack on Syrian helicopter earlier today was carried out by Turkish F-16

ANKARA, (BM) - The attack on the Mi-17 helicopter of the Syrian army was carried out by a Turkish F-16 fighter, military analyst Babak Tagway reports citing an unnamed former Turkish air force pilot, learned According to him, the helicopter was shot down by one of the F-16C, deployed at the Turkish Incirlik air base. The

Exclusive: Turkish or pro-Turkish forces downed a second Syrian helicopter (video)

DAMASCUS, (BM) - A few hours ago, Turkish troops, and according to other sources, we are talking about pro-Turkish troops, destroyed a Syrian military helicopter in the front area in the province of Idlib, carrying out a reconnaissance and combat mission, delivering strikes of the so-called "Barrel bombs" on the fortifications of the militants,

The tension is escalating – Turkey threatens Russia with armed clashes in Syria

DAMASCUS, (BM) - The Turkish side accused Russia of non-compliance with the Sochi agreement on Idlib and stated that if Russia refuses new negotiations, it will face large-scale armed clashes between Syria and Turkey, the number of troops of which only in recent days in the territory of the Arab Republic increased to 10 thousand. human, learned

Syrian and Russian forces launched multiple ballistic missiles against Turkish post

DAMASCUS, (BM) - Several cruise missiles launched from the west, that is, from the Mediterranean Sea, are seen on the way to the north and northeast of Syria, learned quoting local source. Read more: Military and defense analyzes, comments, opinions and rating – Read more: Large-scale artillery fire in

Turkish troops or terrorists shot down Mi-24 helicopter in northern Syria

DAMASCUS, (BM) - A few hours ago, in the sky over the province of Aleppo, Turkish troops shot down an attack helicopter Mi-24, which carried out attacks on the positions of jihadists in the region, learned, quoting Aviapro news agency. Read more: Military and defense analyzes, comments, opinions and rating –

A Russia’s Su-35 has intercepted Turkish F-16 over Syrian airspace

DAMASCUS, (BM) - Statements appeared on the network that a few days ago, Turkish military aircraft attempted to enter Syrian airspace in the province of Aleppo. Such information is published, in particular, by the Chinese information resource Sohu in its military section. According to the Chinese author, Turkey has attempted air intervention in

The US military blocked access to air base for Russian military convoys

DAMASCUS, (BM) - The construction of a new American military base in Syrian Khasak led to the fact that American troops blocked the Russian military’s second important route, providing access to the military airfield in the city of Kamyshli, learned according local sorces. Read more: Russian mercenaries against the US

Large-scale Russian air strikes over Idlib in response of the Turkish ultimatum

DAMASCUS, (BM) - Attempts by the Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan to intimidate the Russian and Syrian military resulted in colossal losses for terrorists in the province of Idlib, which was caused by large-scale strikes by the Russian Air Force, resumed 36 hours after the military ultimatum of the Turkish leader, learned,

Russian mercenaries against the US military in Syria

WASHINGTON, (BM) - The author of the article in WSJ (Jessica Donati - U.S. Troops in Standoffs With Russian Military Contractors in Syria) claims that cases of "tense confrontation" between US military and Russian PMCs have become more frequent in Syria. This allegation is not supported by any evidence of the participation of "Russian

Russia: Israeli F-16s almost to take down civil Airbus. IDF refuses to comment

MOSCOW, (BM) - The Syrian military said earlier they had thwarted hostile targets above Damascus, adding that the attack had been launched by Israeli forces from the Golan Heights, Sputnik reported. The Russian Ministry of Defence says Israeli F-16 fighter jets carried out strikes with eight air-to-surface missiles on Damascus' suburbs early

Syrian and Russian forces have taken control over Saraqib in Idlib (video)

DAMASCUS, (BM) - The Russian-backed forces of the Bashar al-Assad regime, ignoring the Astana accords and the Sochi memorandum, seized the city of Saraqib in Idlib, learned according information from DW, Anadolu Agency, Inosmi and Syrian agency SANA. Read more: Russia strengthens its position in Syria Forces of the

Russia strengthens its position in Syria

WASHINGTON, (BM) - Russia is expanding its military role in Syria, providing support to Syrian government forces in their attack on Idlib, the last center of rebel resistance in the north-west of the country. “We are seeing much more aggressive Russian actions in Idlib,” said James Jeffrey, US Special Envoy for Syria, in an interview on

USA: Damascus won’t last even a week without Russia

WASHINGTON, (BM) - The regime of Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad without Russian military assistance would not have been able to hold out for a long time in the confrontation with the armed opposition, said US Special Representative for Syria James Jeffrey. Read more: Military and defense analyzes, comments, opinions and rating –

French aircraft carrier has approached Syria at a distance of airstrikes

DAMASCUS, (BM) - The French Navy carrier strike group, led by the nuclear carrier Charles de Gaulle, operating in the Eastern Mediterranean, approached Syria from the range of air strikes by carrier-based aircraft, follows from satellite images of the European satellites Sentinel-2 and Planetscope, learned quoting Interfax.

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