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The American Air Strikes Over Afghanistan are Unlawful

KABUL, (BM) - U.S. air strikes on alleged Taliban drug labs in Afghanistan in May killed or wounded at least 39 civilians, including 14 children, and violated international humanitarian law as the victims were non-combatants, a United Nations report said on Wednesday, learned Read more: UK Sends Paratroopers for

A Taliban Bomb Exploded Near a Hospital in Afghanistan, Killed at Least 20 People

KABUL, (BM) - A Taliban truck bomb killed at least 20 people and wounded 95 when it exploded near a hospital in southern Afghanistan on Thursday, a provincial official said, with casualties expected to rise as rescuers sift the rubble, learned The Taliban, who have been carrying out nearly daily attacks since the collapse

Afghan City of Kunduz Has Been Attacked by Talibans

KABUL, (BM) - Taliban forces attacked the northern Afghan city of Kunduz on Saturday, Afghan and Taliban officials said, even as the United States and the hardline Islamist group seem close to finalising a deal for the withdrawal of American troops, learned, quoting Reuters. Read more: Three Attacks in Afghan Capital, a

UK Sends Paratroopers for Deployment to Afghanistan

LONDON, (BM) - Colchester-based 2nd Battalion The Parachute Regiment (2 PARA) is deploying to the Afghan capital Kabul from late September as part of the UK’s enduring support to the Afghan Government, learned Their mission is to protect NATO military and civilian advisors working in government ministries, as well as UK

A Car Bomb Exploded in Afghan Capital Kabul, at Least 95 People Were Injured

KABUL, (BM) - At least 95 people were wounded when a car bomb exploded in Afghan capital Kabul on Wednesday, learned, quoting Afghan TV channel 1TV. Read more: Three Attacks in Afghan Capital, a Bomb Hitting a Bus Carrying Government Employees The blast happened at 9:04am at the entrance of a police station in district

A Bomb Explosion Has Hit a Bus in Afghanistan`s Province of Farah, Dozens Killed

KABUL, (BM) - A roadside bomb explosion has hit a passenger bus in the western Afghan province of Farah, killing at least 35 civilians and wounding 27 others, learned, quoting Radio Free Europe. Mohibullah Mohib, a spokesman for the provincial police chief, told RFE/RL that the incident occurred while the bus was traveling

Three Attacks in Afghan Capital, a Bomb Hitting a Bus Carrying Government Employees

KABUL, (BM) - Three explosions have rocked Afghanistan's capital Kabul, killing a total of at least 15 people and wounding dozens of others, learned, quoting AlJazeera. Eight employees of the ministry of mines and petroleum were killed and 27 wounded in an attack on their bus, ministry officials said in a statement on

Tension in Afghanistan – Bomb-laden Truck Exploded Near the Defence Ministry

KABUL (BM) - Afghan security forces on Monday were battling Taliban gunmen who stormed a building in the capital, Kabul, after a bomb-laden truck exploded near the defence ministry at rush hour, injuring at least 100 people, including 35 children, learned, quoting Reuters. For hours after the attack, sporadic gunfire and

The Taliban’s Spring Offensive Announcement is Reckless, Said Zalmay Khalilzad

KABUL, Afghanistan ( - The Taliban announced last Friday the start of their spring offensive despite talking peace with the United States and ahead of a significant gathering of Afghans meant to discuss resolutions to the protracted war and an eventual withdrawal of American troops from the country, learned