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Patriot SAMs in Syria and Iraq against Russian Kalibr missiles

Russia's Aviapro news agency reported today, February 26, that the U.S. military has Patriot surface-to-air missile systems at bases in Syria and Iraq. According to Russian sources, the Pentagon is building a new U.S. air base in eastern Syria in the Deir ez-Zor area.

US airstrikes in Syria near the border with Iraq

US President Joe Biden's first military operation is already a fact. On Thursday evening against Friday morning, the United States launched the first airstrike on Iranian bases in Syria, located near Iran's border.

Three rockets hit Baghdad, including the Green Zone

Baghdad came under rocket fire on Monday, learfnedc, citing a statement from the Iraqi military. According to Iraqis, three rockets hit Iraq's capital, two of which fell in the city's fortified Green Zone.

Iraq buys Russian S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems, the Parliament said

BAGHDAD, (BM) - The Iraqi Parliament’s Security and Defense Commission reported that the country's national security adviser, during his visit to Moscow, was able to agree with the Russian leadership on the conditions for Russia's supply of S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems to the Arab country, learned according Fars Agency

Iraq sends a delegation to Russia to purchase the S-300 and S-400 missile systems

BAGDHAD, (BM) - Contrary to the arguments of Western experts that Baghdad’s statements regarding the acquisition of Russian air defense / missile defense systems are nothing more than an attempt to demonstrate independence from the United States, it became known that the Iraqi delegation was sent to Moscow to negotiate the upcoming purchase of

Withdrawal of troops: USA threatens Iraq again

BERLIN, (BM) - The political consequences of the catastrophic wrong decision that led to the crash of the Ukrainian passenger plane and the death of 176 people on flight PS752 (including a large number of Iranian citizens) cannot yet be predicted. A REPORT: ‘Scare each other’: how the US and Iran are fighting for Baghdad A REPORT: Iraq: The

Iraq wants to buy Russia’s S-400, an Iraq’s parliament official said

BAGDHAD, (BM) - Karim Alawi, a member of the Iraqi parliament’s security and defense committee, announced the Iraqi authorities’ desire for the Russian S-400 air defense systems, learned, quoting Vzglyad. A REPORT: Why the American air defense system didn’t work in Iraq? A REPORT: Iraq: The next misjudgment by the

Iraq and Russia resume talks on S-300 missile system deal

BAGHDAD, (BM) - Baghdad has resumed negotiations with Moscow on the acquisition of S-300 anti-aircraft systems and is awaiting Washington’s opposition on this issue, learned, according Iraq’s Defense and Security Committee head Muhammad Reed statement. Read more: Military and defense analyzes, comments, opinions and rating

Russia proposes to protect Iraq with S-400 air defense systems

MOSCOW, (BM) - The most sophisticated air defense systems in the world may appear on the arsenal of Iraq, learned, according Russian MoD statement and quoting RIA Novosti. Read more: Missile attack to U.S. military base in Baghdad, rocket explodes near U.S. embassy Read more: Military and defense analyzes, comments,

China warns US not to abuse military power in the Middle East

BEIJING, (BM) - Recent risky military actions by the United States are leading to an escalation of tension in the Middle East, China is urging the United States not to abuse military force, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said on Monday, learned, quoting RIA Novosti. Read more: Military and defense analyzes,

Iraq and 13 Other Countries Want to Buy Russia’s S-400 Missile Defense System

MOSCOW, (BM) - Russia's S-400 defense system is beginning to take a strong position in the international market for air defense systems. In the last 12 hours, it has become clear that another Middle Eastern country is also looking to buy the Russian S-400 system. Read more: Is the America`s Patriot Defense Systems So Bad? Saudi Arabia Buys

US Air Force F-35s and F-15s Dropped 36,000 kg. of Bombs on ISIS in Iraq (Video)

BAGHDAD, (BM) - US Air Force F-35s and F-15s dropped 36,000 kilograms of bombs on an ISIS “infested” island in Iraq, leading to massive explosions and plumes of smoke that rose into the air just before dawn on Tuesday, learned, quoting The Jerusalem Post. Read more: Dozens Soldiers Have Been Killed in the Northwest Nigeria

Loud Explosions at an Arms Depot in Iraq Used by an Shiite Militia

BAGHDAD, (BM) - Loud explosions were reported early Tuesday at a warehouse in Iraq apparently used by an Shiite militia, seemingly the latest of a string of attacks targeting Iranian-backed groups in western Iraq and eastern Syria, learned, quoting The Times of Israel. The explosions were reported near the city of Hit in

According Iraq, Israel is Responsible for the Explosions in the Saqr Military Base

BAGHDAD, (BM) - An Iraqi defense official blamed Israel for carrying out strikes in the country with US backing, learned, quoting Israel Defense. Following the series of explosions earlier this week in a weapons depot controlled by an Iranian-backed militia in Baghdad, the official told Asharq Al-Awsat that “It is obvious

A U.S. HH-60 Pave Hawk Helicopter Has Crashed in Iraq

WASHINGTON (USA), March 16, 2018, Author: Galina Zdravkova (Bm), Photo by The A U.S. HH-60 Pave Hawk combat search and rescue helicopter with seven service members on board has crashed in Anbar Province, near the town of Al-Qa'im in western Iraq, said U.S. officials on Thursday (15th March 2018), reported Air Force Times. Rescuers…