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Top 5 best bombers in the world

There is no doubt that there are only two countries that are working hard on new bombers. These are Russia and the United States. All others are either customers or tenants of this type of military equipment.

Russia is working on 5th generation submarines

The United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) on its own initiative continues to work on the development of a nuclear submarine of the Husky project and a diesel submarine of the Kalina project, which belong to the 5th generation submarines

Top 8 of the fastest military aircraft in the world

Sometimes it is very difficult to compare or face fighters from different manufacturers in a direct battle. The characteristics very often overlap and you rely only on the small details that can tip the scales in one direction or another.

Japan and US unite against China and Russia

The governments of Japan and the United States will work together to prepare a missile detection and tracking system using numerous small satellites. They will be launched into an orbit with an altitude of 300-1000 kilometers.

Top 5 best submarines in the world

One of the deadliest weapons in a country's arsenal is submarines. In the past, they played a significant role during World War II and during the Cold War.

US creates new nuclear threat against Russia

Donald Trump, apparently, intends to cross out another important agreement between Russia and the United States - the agreement on the non-deployment of tactical nuclear weapons on warships.

Can Russia intercept an American UAV?

Russia has deployed an anti-drone shield in the Kaliningrad region during a recent exercise. Foreign analysts see this measure as a response to the deployment of American unmanned aerial vehicles such as the MQ-9 Reaper in Estonia.

MiG-35 Fulcrum-F – Russian multirole fighter [review]

The RSK MiG-35 multi-purpose combat aircraft is a modernized version of the Soviet MiG-29M2. Unofficially, the MiG-35 is also called the Super Fulcrum. The MiG-35 is currently available in two versions, the single-seat MiG-35 and the two-seat MiG-35D.

Russian maneuvers in the Baltic Sea – continuation of the parade

The Russians have started the practical phase of the great sea maneuvers in the Baltic Sea "Okieanskij Szczyt-2020". According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, more than 30 ships of various classes and types, naval aviation and land units of the Baltic Fleet are to take part in it.

Su-35 vs F-22: who is stronger in aerial combat

The American magazine The National Interest decided to evaluate the capabilities of the Russian Su-35S generation 4 ++ multi-role fighter in an air battle with American aircraft. It turned out extremely interesting.

Top 5 infantry rifles of all time

It would be an exaggeration to say that the rifle won the war or changed the outcome of the battle. Nevertheless, they are necessary for victory: battle is, first of all, a test of will, and ineffective small arms spread defeatism.

Topol-M: how Russia created an ultra-modern rocket in the 1990s

At the end of 1994, I, then a war correspondent for the Izvestia newspaper, was invited to the Main Staff of the Strategic Missile Forces and was asked to write about further development, and more specifically, about the modernization of the Topol strategic missile system.

Russian An-124s delivered new fighters and bombers to Syria

A few days ago, several An-124 military transport aircraft made a mysterious flight from Arkhangelsk to the Khmeimim airbase in Syria, delivering, according to some, as yet officially unconfirmed information, several additional combat aircraft

Cold game: US strategic aviation intensifies in the Arctic

All week, the unusual activity of US strategic aviation in the Arctic was observed. On Thursday, B-2 stealth bombers flew into the Arctic, and a pair of B-52H visited the Sea of ​​Okhotsk. Groups of Russian long-range missile carriers also patrolled in the North Pacific.

The Russian-Turkish war games in Libya

This would not have been possible without increasing military and political support from Russia and Turkey, which, by supporting the opposing sides of this conflict, are leading a new installment of their own geopolitical game in the region.

Russia plans to expand its military bases in Syria

Vladimir Putin instructed the military and diplomatic departments to negotiate with Damascus on the transfer of additional military facilities and water within the framework of an agreement on the deployment of a Russian air group

Palestine asked Putin for help

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas sent a message to Russian President Vladimir Putin asking him to help organize negotiations with Israel in Moscow. This was stated by the Ambassador of Palestine in Moscow, Abdel Hafiz Nofal

Russia is helping Iran to avoid possible Israeli attacks in Syria

According to Al-Masdar News sources, the transport aircraft made a flight from the Iranian capital to Khmeimim in order to avoid a possible Israeli air force strike at Damascus airport - the final destination of cargo arrived from Tehran (its nature is not specified).

Russia has the most powerful cannon in the world, US said

Russia completed the modernization of its legendary artillery installation, significantly improving its technical characteristics and combat capabilities. New advantages of the Russian self-propelled gun "Malka" appreciated by the The National Interest

Unlike the US, Russia builds a unique air defense system

Russia, as one of the leading military powers, provides reliable control over the security of its borders, including air borders. If the enemy approaches a distance of 150 kilometers, then Moscow is ready to respond to this step with a powerful missile strike.

Russian army presses US occupation forces in Syria

Along with the reflection of the Turkish threat, our military has to enter into a tough confrontation with the American occupiers almost daily. Both sides are pulling together new units into the areas of contact.

NATO builds up an aerial reconnaissance at Russian borders

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the intensity of aerial reconnaissance of the North Atlantic Alliance has increased by 20%. Such data today, March 20, cited the head of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation Sergey Shoigu.

Turkey grants huge favor to Russia

Turkey has been a member of NATO already since 1952, but a serious question has recently emerged: is Turkey on the side of NATO, or has it perhaps sided with Russia?

Moscow responds US exercise to counter of Russian nuclear strike

MOSCOW, (BM) - Russian politicians called the US exercises to repel a nuclear strike a provocation and a bluff, learned, citing RIA Novosti. Read more: Military and defense analyzes, comments, opinions and rating – Read more: The United States conducted ‘nuclear war’ exercise against Russia Previously,

Four Russian military aircraft tried to enter Turkish airspace, but were intercepted

ANKARA, (BM) - Four Russian combat aircraft were intercepted by Turkey while trying to enter the country's airspace from Syria, learned citing several sources, including Arabian Al Masdar News. Read more: 24/7 – War in Syria: Who controls what and what happens The dangerous situation could well

Turkey addressed a new ultimatum to Russia, Putin doesn’t back down

ANKARA, MOSCOW, (BM) - As part of a telephone conversation between the presidents of Turkey and Russia, the Turkish leader said that in order to avoid a major military conflict in Syria, which Ankara is ready for, Russia is obliged to fulfill certain conditions, learned citing news agency Aviapro and sources from Turkey and

Erdogan threatens with new operation in Syria. Russia reacts to Turkey’s message

ANKARA, MOSCOW, (BM) - Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan, speaking to members of the ruling Justice and Development Party, said that Ankara was ready to start a military operation in Idlib, learned Read more: 24/7 – War in Syria: Who controls what and what happens “If the countries with which we

Russia plans to buy several dozen Su-34 front-line bombers

MOSCOW, (BM) - The Russian Ministry of Defense plans in the summer to sign a new contract for the supply of several dozen Su-34 front-line bombers to the Russian Aerospace Forces, the combat capabilities of which will be expanded based on the Sych development work, learned according TASS information and a source from Russian

An unknown drone approached the Russian MoD’s plane in the sky over Europe

MOSCOW, (BM) - An unknown drone approached the plane of Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu in the sky above Europe, learned citing Russian agency Izvestia and Serbian military-diplomatic sources. Read more: Sergey Shoigu Outlined the Plans of Russia’s MoD for 2019 at the Ministry’s Annual Board Meeting At the time

Belarus’ forced wedding: how Putin publicly humiliated Lukashenko?

MINSK, (BM) - We often read that Russia and Belarus are unable to agree about the prices and delivery conditions of oil products and natural gas. This was the case in 2017, and it is the case now as well: the particular issue resurfaces with certain frequency and it seems it will continue to do so. Read more: Military and defense analyzes,

Russia and Turkey continue jointly patrol in Syria, Russian admiral said

DAMASCUS, (BM) - Russian military police continue to patrol the Syrian-Turkish border on several routes in the Syrian provinces of Aleppo, Hasek and Rakka, Rear Admiral Oleg Zhuravlev, head of the Russian Center for the Reconciliation of the warring parties in the SAR, said at a briefing, learned Read more:

Military cooperation between Russia and Serbia reaching a whole new level

BELGRADE, (BM) - Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that Russia will try to maintain the pace of military cooperation with Serbia, learned Read more: Serbia unveils a new upgraded BVP M-80A infantry fighting vehicle “The interaction between the defense departments of Russia and Serbia has reached a

Russian intelligence agencies are conducting reconnaissance near Ireland

LONDON, (BM) - Russian intelligence agencies are conducting active reconnaissance off the coast of Ireland, learned, citing Topwar and tThe Times. There, they search underwater for fiber optic cables connecting the United States to Britain and other European countries. Read more: A British military intelligence aircraft

Washington’s experts predict the emergence of a new Russian military strategy

MOSCOW, (BM) - Experts from the US scientific community, especially those who specialize in defense and security, continue to closely monitor military development processes in Russia, assess their condition and make predictions on various aspects of their future transformation and on changes in Moscow’s strategic approaches to the use of military

Russia will be the first country to create nuclear underwater drones (UUV), US said

WASHINGTON, (BM) - Russia may be the first in the world to create an attack nuclear unmanned underwater vehicles. The West does not have such technologies, warned the American magazine Forbes, learned Read more: Forbes: Russian nuclear submarine drones change the rules of the game According to the publication, already

Russia completed the tests of a brand new promising torpedo

MOSCOW, (BM) - The Russian Tactical Missile Weapons Corporation (KTRV) has completed state tests of a promising torpedo and an adjustable 250 kg caliber bomb. This was announced on Friday, February 14, the company's CEO Boris Obnosov, learned Read more: A new minehunting sonar system made by Raytheon has been delivered to

Russia’s Su-34s destroyed three Turkish multiple launch rocket system

DAMASCUS, (BM) - According local sources yesterday Turkish troops, using Turkish-made MLRS that arrived in Syria a few days ago, tried to launch a missile attack on the Russian military base Khmeimim, hiding behind the legend that these were terrorist actions, learned, citing news agency AviaPro. Read more: The US military

The safety of Russian fighter jets are in very great doubt, including Su-57

MOSCOW, (BM) - The safety of flights of Russian combat aircraft and helicopters, and their effectiveness in combat, are in very great doubt, learned The reason for this is the fact that during the flight, fasteners can fall off, which in turn can lead to both the failure of fighter and helicopter systems and the loss of

Russia develops weapons against hypersonic missiles, a source said

MOSCOW, (BM) - Russia is not only developing hypersonic weapons, but also creating means of protection against them. As sources in the military-industrial complex told Izvestia, domestic engineers are now designing an ultra-long-range air-based missile capable of intercepting high-speed and maneuvering targets. Read more: Military and defense

Military expert: US wants to stop Russia from adopting S-500 missile system

MOSCOW, (BM) - The general designer of the Almaz-Antey concern, Pavel Sozinov, said that the latest Russian S-500 air defense system has unique characteristics that are many times superior to any already created systems, and even those that are under development. Read more: Military and defense analyzes, comments, opinions and rating –

An expert explains capabilities of the Russian S-500 missile system

MOSCOW, (BM) - The promising S-500 anti-aircraft missile system will be able to intercept targets hundreds of kilometers from the Earth, learned citing Pavel Sozinov, general designer of the Almaz-Antey concern. Read more: Military and defense analyzes, comments, opinions and rating – Read more: Russia is

China and Russia are the main threat, US counterintelligence said

WASHINGTON, (BM) - Russia and China are on the list of threats presented in the new US counterintelligence strategy for 2020-2022. The document was published by the National Center for Counterintelligence and Security, learned Read more: Military and defense analyzes, comments, opinions and rating –

Russia’s “Night Super Hunters” helicopters will become fighters and air killers

MOSCOW, (BM) - "Night Superhunters" will become air killers. The latest Russian Mi-28NM attack helicopter will turn into a fighter capable of handling enemy aircraft, drones and cruise missiles. Powerful R-74M ammunition will be installed on board the rotorcraft to destroy air targets. They are able to bring down even fifth-generation aircraft. At

Russia equips Tu-160 strategic bomber with Kinzhal hypersonic missiles

MOSCOW, (BM) - Russia’s top military brass plans to arm Tupolev Tu-160 supersonic strategic bombers with Kinzhal hypersonic missiles, a source in the defense industry told TASS on Monday, learned "The possibility of deploying Kinzhal missiles on Tu-160 aircraft is being considered. The work on this option is due to be

GPS war: Russia has been jamming F-22 and F-35 in the Middle East

WASHINGTON, (BM) - Russia jamming GPS systems of potential adversaries in the Middle East. Russian electronic warfare (EW) may affect US troops stationed in the region, as, among other things, the risk of armed conflict between the US and Iran remains. About this on February 7, writes the American magazine The National Interest. Read more:

Russian mercenaries against the US military in Syria

WASHINGTON, (BM) - The author of the article in WSJ (Jessica Donati - U.S. Troops in Standoffs With Russian Military Contractors in Syria) claims that cases of "tense confrontation" between US military and Russian PMCs have become more frequent in Syria. This allegation is not supported by any evidence of the participation of "Russian

US: Russia’s S-400 systems and Resonance radars conquer the Middle East market

WASHINGTON, (BM) - A drone attack on Saudi oil refineries last September showed that the American Patriot air defense systems are not able to provide an adequate level of protection for important facilities. Read more: Military and defense analyzes, comments, opinions and rating – The publication National Interest in the

Russia strengthens its position in Syria

WASHINGTON, (BM) - Russia is expanding its military role in Syria, providing support to Syrian government forces in their attack on Idlib, the last center of rebel resistance in the north-west of the country. “We are seeing much more aggressive Russian actions in Idlib,” said James Jeffrey, US Special Envoy for Syria, in an interview on

Forbes: Russian nuclear submarine drones change the rules of the game

WASHINGTON, (BM) - One of the reasons for the effectiveness of U.S. Navy submarines is that their large teams, exceeding 100 people, are able to cope with emergencies and ensure that their submarines are at sea for many months in a row. Russian submarines have smaller teams, and, as a rule, their submarines cannot be at sea for such a long time.

The Russia’s Su-24 bomber almost crashed (video)

MOSCOW, (BM) - The Su-24 bomber was landing without a chassis and at the last second avoided a collision with the ground. A video of the incident was published in the telegram channel “The View of a Man”, learned "A classic case for the Air Force. January 2020. The Su-24 crew is confident that it is landing with the main

Russian Su-35 fighter jet is more successful, better and beats Su-57, US said

WASHINGTON, (BM) - The American publication The National Interest notes that the Su-35 was a transitional option until the launch of mass production of the Su-57, learned Read more: Military and defense analyzes, comments, opinions and rating – Read more: Dogfight! Russia’s Su-35 and Su-57 vs. F-35 Stealth

Russian spy network spreads like Coronavirus

RIGA, (BM) - With the ongoing geopolitical chaos, as well as the bloodthirsty ambitions of Putin’s regime gaining ground in Ukraine, Africa and maybe even Belarus, it is no wonder that Russian spies are getting caught in Europe one after another. This is a signal that the concentration of Russian spies in Europe, especially its eastern part,

Russian pilots of Su-30 and Su-24M strike targets with bombs

MOSCOW, (BM) - The crews of naval aviation aircraft of the Russian Black Sea Fleet breached a notional enemy’s air defenses and struck targets with bombs during drills at a practice range in Crimea, learned, according the Fleet’s press office statement on Tuesday. Read more: Military and defense analyzes, comments,

A Russian military satellite may have been destroyed, US scientist said

WASHINGTON, (BM) - The American scientist expressed his version of why the military satellite Cosmos-2491 ceased to function, learned, quoting a statement of the US scientist Jonathan McDowell. Read more: Military and defense analyzes, comments, opinions and rating – According to official figures, in the

Russian S-500 missile system prepares for an early start of deliveries to the army

MOSCOW, (BM) - In 2019, Russia tested the S-500 Prometheus, which has no analogues in the world, for anti-aircraft missile systems (ZRS), Deputy Defense Minister Alexei Krivoruchko said in his article for the corporate journal Radioelectronic Technologies of the KRET concern, learned Read more: Military and defense

Russia’s fighter jets have intercepted an American spy aircraft over Syria

DAMASCUS, (BM) - Russian fighter aircraft intercepted an American aircraft three times, trying to break through to Russian air defense, learned according information from news agency AviaPro. Read more: Military and defense analyzes, comments, opinions and rating – An attempt by an American electronic

Russia’s S-400 system located in Syria has intercepted an Israeli missile

DAMASCUS, (BM) - Russian S-400 systems have successfully "intercepted" the innovative Israeli intercontinental ballistic missile, learned, quoting several sources, including media agency Avia. Read more: Military and defense analyzes, comments, opinions and rating – Having tested its innovative missile two

‘F-35 destroys Russia’s S-400’ is not mission impossible anymore

ANKARA, (BM) - Turkey unveils an unexpected flaw in the Russian S-400 missile system, learned quoting russian agency According to the media agency, they have material, which, in fact, is an infographic of the effectiveness of the Russian S-400. REPORT: What are the advantages of the new Russian missile

Russian Su-27 fighter jet is an “aerial scalpel” and has learned NATO manners

BEIJING, (BM) - After the Second World War, the aviation industry began to develop rapidly. In the postwar years, various countries of the world began to actively modernize their military aircraft, which over time already began to use aircraft with jet engines. Read more: Military and defense analyzes, comments, opinions and rating –

Russia’s Kalashnikov starts to produce unguided aircraft missiles

MOSCOW, (BM) - The Kalashnikov group of companies bought 41% of the shares of the developer of the Novosibirsk Institute of Applied Physics (IAP) from the NPO Kurganpribor, learned according the Kalashnikov press service statement. Read more: Military and defense analyzes, comments, opinions and rating –

Pompeo: US seeks areas for cooperation with Russia

LONDON, (BM) - On Thursday, during a joint press conference in London with British Foreign Minister Dominic Raab, US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo announced Washington's search for areas in which there was an opportunity for cooperation with Russia, learned Read more: Military and defense analyzes, comments, opinions

Supersonic targets have been intercepted by Russia’s MiG-31 in a drill

MOSCOW, (BM) - The crews of MiG-31 interceptor fighters from Russia’s Central Military District practiced complex aerobatic maneuvers as combat pairs and trained to intercept supersonic targets in the stratosphere during drills in the Perm Region, learned according the District’s press office statement on Thursday. Read

Democratization or Stalinization: Putin’s amendments

RIGA, (BM) - We’ve been digging in our own backyard for long enough, so for a change let’s look at what’s happening in the wide world. There’s no doubt that the events taking place in our neighboring land are significant, as they can affect us in the long-run. I’m, of course, talking about the announcement made by Russian President Vladimir

Russian anti-aircraft missile and cannon system Pantsyr get hypersonic missile

MOSCOW, (BM) - The Russian anti-aircraft missile and cannon system “Pantsyr” received the latest hypersonic missile, learned, quoting Izvestia. Read more: Military and defense analyzes, comments, opinions and rating – Read more: How Israel successfully destroyed a Russian Pantsyr anti-aircraft system in

Video of the first flight of newest Russian Su-35S fighter jet

MOSCOW, (BM) - The first flights and the development of air missions of the Su-35S squadron of the Western Military District (ZVO) took place in Karelia, learned New fighters were received for the aviation group at the end of 2019. Read more: Military and defense analyzes, comments, opinions and rating –

Russian air defense system ‘nearly’ shot down U.S. fighter jets in Syria

DAMASCUS, (BM) - A few days ago that US Air Force fighter jets and attack helicopters took off to intercept a Russian military convoy and helicopters that appeared near the city of Tel Tamr, as we and several sources reported. Read more: Military and defense analyzes, comments, opinions and rating – Several American military

An air battle between Su-57 and F-35 fighter jets – how it ends?

WASHINGTON, (BM) - Journalists of the American edition of The National Interest appreciated the prospects of the latest Russian Su-57 fighter in a battle with the fifth-generation F-35 aircraft of the US Air Force, learned, quoting Polit Russia and the Natioanl Interest. Read more: Military and defense analyzes, comments,

A shootout between Russian and U.S. military in Syria? The Pentagon’s comment

WASHINGTON, (BM) - An information about shootout between Russian and U.S. military is disseminated in the media and being one of the main reason the Pentagon to make an official statement, learned quoting some sources. Read more: Military and defense analyzes, comments, opinions and rating – “We have made

Russia has developed a new helicopter for special forces needs

MOSCOW, (BM) - According to a source, the developed combat aerial vehicle will become an intermediate link on the way from Mi-8 to a promising helicopter, learned, quoting Voennoe Delo. Read more: Military and defense analyzes, comments, opinions and rating – Read more: Russia and China to Develop a

Russian combat teams have defended the S-400 missile system from a drone attack

MOSCOW, (BM) - The combat teams of Pantsyr-S1 anti-aircraft missile/gun launchers practiced defense of S-400 ‘Triumf’ surface-to-air missile systems against a drone attack during drills in Crimea, learned according the press office of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet statement on Wednesday. Read more: Military and defense

The new Russian Su-34 will be able to detect and shoot down invisible targets

MOSCOW, (BM) - Russian Aerospace Forces will receive a "Super-Defender." Already this year, serial production of an updated version of the Su-34 bomber will begin (NATO designation Fullback - “Defender”), learned, quoting Izvestia. The machine is assigned the HBO index - “new features”. The aircraft will be equipped with

Russia is weak and not ready against massive nuclear strike, Russian general said

MOSCOW, (BM) - Russian missile defense systems require “tens of minutes” to repel a massive nuclear strike, learned, quoting the opinion of Russian Major General Sergei Grabchuk. Read more: Military and defense analyzes, comments, opinions and rating – Contrary to claims that Russian missile defense systems

Russia has deployed S-400 air defense missile system in Syria

DAMASCUS, (BM) - According to foreign military information publications , the Russian military deployed additional air defense to northern Syria, learned, quoting We are talking about the S-400 systems, which made it possible to detect the American F-35. Read more: Military and defense analyzes, comments,

Russian-Japanese joint exercises started in the Arabian Sea

TOKYO, (BM) - Russian-Japanese exercises started in the Arabian Sea, learned, quoting first-rank captain Roman Martov, a spokesman for the Baltic Fleet. Read more: Military and defense analyzes, comments, opinions and rating – “A detachment of the Baltic Fleet’s ships consisting of the Yaroslav the Wise

US F-35s were detected by Russian S-400 missile system after the Iranian attack

BEIRUT, (BM) - The Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that his country’s military detected six F-35 jets near the borders of Iran after the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ (IRGC) attack two Iraqi bases hosting U.S. forces, learned, quoting AMN and Read more: Military and defense analyzes, comments,

Russia has helped Iran to destroy the US military airbase in Iraq

TEL AVIV, (BM) - The Israeli information publication Debka reports that according to sources in the Russian defense department, Iran used Russian space technology to strike at an American military air base in neighboring Iraq, learned, quoting Debka. Read more: Military and defense analyzes, comments, opinions and rating –

The Su-57 fighter jet is not even ready to fly, Russian specialists say

MOSCOW, (BM) - The crashed Russian Su-57 was found to have at least four critical problems, learned, according published report in Military Review of some russian experts. Read more: Military and defense analyzes, comments, opinions and rating – Read more: Dogfight! Russia’s Su-35 and Su-57 vs. F-35 Stealth

Russia sees threat of US strike missile deployment in Japan, Lavrov said

RUSSIA, (BM) - Moscow does not suspect Tokyo of having malicious intentions against Russia, but cannot but take into account the deployment of US strike weapons at its borders, learned, according Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov statement. Read more: Military and defense analyzes, comments, opinions and rating –

Is Russia preparing to sale S-400 air defense missile system to Iran?

MOSCOW, (BM) - The Russian leadership is considering selling anti-ballistic missile defense (ABM) to Iran after the assassination of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Kassem Suleymani in the region against the backdrop of the assassination of the Quds forces commander. The fact that part of the Russian military and political elite

Russia tracks the US deployment of medium and shorter-range missiles

MOSCOW, (BM) - Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu instructed the Russian military to track the US deployment of medium and shorter-range missiles (INF), learned, according Izvestia. DEFENSEWEEK'S REPORT: Friendship with Russia: the US continues to hurt Turkey Read more: Germany and France exclude Poland from

The Russian Su-57 can beat F-35 someday, but not right now, a Russian expert explains

MOSCOW, (BM) - The Russian Su-57 fighter is already a good combat vehicle. However, there is still something to improve, for example, in order to bypass the American F-35 in terms of basic indicators, expert Vladimir Vasiliev believes. Read more: Military and defense analyzes, comments, opinions and rating – Read special report:

Russian Mig-31M has launched hypersonic Kinzhal missile (video)

MOSCOW, (BM) - The Russian Ministry of Defense published footage of the launch of the dagger hypersonic aerial ballistic missile MiG-31K fighter during exercises in the Black Sea, learned Joint maneuvers of the Black Sea and Northern Fleets took place on January 9 off the coast of Crimea. They involved more than

Russian UAVs and weapons with AI have been used in Syria

BEIJING, (BM) - On October 25, a senior official in the Russian ground forces announced that the latest Kungas robot had successfully passed tests in the country. It is reported that until 2025 a unit consisting entirely of robots and capable of performing combat missions will be formed in the Russian troops. Read more: Military and defense

Russia launched a hypersonic Kinzhal ballistic missile during a Black Sea exercise

MOSCOW, (BM) - The Supreme Commander of the Russian Armed Forces, Vladimir Putin, watched from the board of the missile cruiser Marshal Ustinov the course of the joint exercises of the Northern and Black Sea fleets in the Black Sea, learned, quoting Read more: Military and defense analyzes, comments, opinions

Russia’s Avangard hypersonic weapon cannot be stopped, Norway says

OSLO, (BM) - Russia deployed weapons aimed directly at the United States. None of the known defense systems are able to stop this rocket. The weapon is called "Avangard", and the first two samples took up combat duty during the Christmas holidays. This is the so-called hypersonic glider. Read more: Military and defense analyzes, comments,

Iraq and Russia resume talks on S-300 missile system deal

BAGHDAD, (BM) - Baghdad has resumed negotiations with Moscow on the acquisition of S-300 anti-aircraft systems and is awaiting Washington’s opposition on this issue, learned, according Iraq’s Defense and Security Committee head Muhammad Reed statement. Read more: Military and defense analyzes, comments, opinions and rating

Russian missile overcame the Patriot defense complex near the Saudi Arabia border

MOSCOW, (BM) - Major media publication on Yandex Dzen reports on the use of new weapons by the rebels against Saudi Arabia, learned Read more: Military and defense analyzes, comments, opinions and rating – Read more: Germany Spends $105,5 Million for Patriot Missile Defense System Upgrade We are

How the Russian air defense looks like with S-400 and other systems?

MOSCOW, (BM) - Anti-aircraft gunners will begin to work out an updated system to combat massive attacks by cruise missiles and drones. As the Ministry of Defense told Izvestia, it is included in the combat training system of the air defense forces. The novelty was tested in the fall of 2019 at the Combat Commonwealth exercises. In preparing the

The new Russian radar leaves no chance for F-35 or any invisible aircraft

MOSCOW, (BM) - The new Russian radar "Struna-1" will not leave a chance to the "invisible" aircraft of the United States and NATO, learned, quoting Economics Today. Read more: Military and defense analyzes, comments, opinions and rating – Read more: Over 350 US-made F-16 fighter jets will get powerfull

Russia proposes to protect Iraq with S-400 air defense systems

MOSCOW, (BM) - The most sophisticated air defense systems in the world may appear on the arsenal of Iraq, learned, according Russian MoD statement and quoting RIA Novosti. Read more: Missile attack to U.S. military base in Baghdad, rocket explodes near U.S. embassy Read more: Military and defense analyzes, comments,

The new Russian Su-57 fighter jet can get a plasma weapon

MOSCOW, (BM) - Fifth-generation Russian Su-57 fighters now, after a successful test in Syria, can get new weapons - hypersonic missiles and plasma weapons, learned, quoting the former head of the anti-aircraft missile forces of the Special Forces Command of the Russian Air Force, Sergey Khatylev. Read more: Military and

S-350 Vityaz systems will make Russian air defense impenetrable for US missiles

MOSCOW, (BM) - The Vityaz S-350 anti-aircraft missile systems will occupy a place in the echelon defense system of Russia between the S-400 and Buk-M3. About this FBA "Economics Today" said a military expert Alexei Leonkov. Read more: Military and defense analyzes, comments, opinions and rating – The Russian Defense Ministry said

Russia creates a unique air defense system, led by the S-400 and S-500, expert said

MOSCOW, (BM) - The party of the Russian self-propelled anti-aircraft missile and cannon systems (ZRPK) "Shell-S" will be transferred to the 6th Leningrad Red Banner Army of the Air Force and Air Defense in early 2020, learned Read more: Military and defense analyzes, comments, opinions and rating – Read

Russian military patrol has been attacked in Syria (photos)

DAMASCUS, (BM) - In the north of Syria, a new attack on the Russian military patrol was committed, learned Read more: Military and defense analyzes, comments, opinions and rating – Read more: A fight between the Russian and American troops in Syria According to data published by social networks,

Russian failure: S-300s did not repel a single Israeli attack against Syria in 2019

TEL AVIV, (BM) - Despite the fact that Russia delivered its Favorite S-300 air defense systems to Syria in order to prevent even the slightest attacks against the Arab Republic, in 2019 the Russian S-300s could not justify themselves, without repelling a single Israeli attack, and even without attempting to defeat Israeli fighters, learned

Putin and Macron expressed concern over the death of General Soleimani

MOSCOW, (BM) - The presidents of Russia and France had a telephone conversation: they expressed concern about the death of Iranian general Suleimani, discussed the situation in Syria and Libya, as well as issues of internal Ukrainian settlement, learned Read more: US Marines landed in Baghdad; Israel puts army on alert;

How long Russia will maintain leadership in the hypersonic weapons development?

MOSCOW, (BM) - The maximum speed of the Kinzhal and Tsircon hypersonic systems will be increased to more than 10 Mach numbers. The United States recognizes the lag behind Russia in hypersonic technology by several years, but the American-designed rocket has the promise of an opportunity to reach speeds of up to 20 Mach numbers. How long can Russia

Russia’s Su-57 fighter jet will be equipped with new weapons

MOSCOW, (BM) - New types of weapons are being created for the fifth-generation fighter Su-57, learned, according Yuri Slyusar, general director of the United Aircraft Corporation statement. Read more: Russia’s Su-57 fighter jet has tested new types of missiles in Syria “Now the tests are underway with the engine of the

Russia proposed cybercrime resolution and the UN adopted the document

MOSCOW, (BM) - The UN General Assembly at its last plenary meeting this year adopted a resolution proposed by Russia to combat cybercrime, learned, quoting Interfaks. The document "Countering the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) for criminal purposes" was supported by 79 countries, 60 states,

Russia has launched a military satellite into space

MOSCOW, (BM) - The last Russian space launch in 2019 was carried out from the Plesetsk cosmodrome on December 27. At 02:11 Moscow time, the Rokot launch vehicle with the Gonets-M communication devices and military satellite was launched, learned, according the Ministry of Defense statement. READ A SPECIAL REPORT: A kind of

Russia has launched first serial nuclear submarine “Novosibirsk”

MOSCOW, (BM) - The first serial nuclear submarine (nuclear submarine) Novosibirsk, part of the Yasen-M project 885M, was launched at the Sevmash shipyard in Severodvinsk, Arkhangelsk Region, learned Read more: Russian company announced the delivery of four nuclear submarines to the Navy This is stated in the message

A fight between the Russian and American troops in Syria

DAMASCUS, (BM) - The so-called “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights”, whose office is known to be based in London, announces the alleged brawl between US and Russian troops in the north of the SAR, learned Read more: The US military is strengthening its position in Syria and returns to six military bases This kind of

Russia creates air defense systems based on new principles of target destruction

MOSCOW, (BM) - Air defense systems based on new physical principles are being developed in Russia, Lieutenant General Alexander Leonov, the head of the military air defense of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, said in an interview with Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper published on December 25, learned Read more: Russia

S-300 anti-aircraft missile system destroyed hypersonic targets

MOSCOW, (BM) - The S-300 anti-aircraft missile system was able to destroy hypersonic targets during the experiment, learned, quoting Lieutenant General Alexander Leonov, the head of the military air defense of the Russian Armed Forces. Read more: Russian S-300 and S-400 Air Defense Systems Have Been Used in a Live Firing

Russian Su-24 front-line bombers simulated an attack on a USS in the Black Sea

KYIV, (BM) - Two Russian aircraft conducted maneuvers in the air near the destroyer Ross (USS Ross, DDG 71) of the US Navy class Arleigh Burke, which recently entered the Black Sea and sailed to the port of Odessa, learned Read more: The Largest Training “Spring Storm 18” in the Black Sea with Bulgarian Participation

The share of modern weapons in the Russian nuclear triad has reached 82%, Putin said

MOSCOW, (BM) - Russian President Vladimir Putin said the share of modern weapons in Russia's nuclear triad was 82%. He said this, speaking at an expanded board of the Ministry of Defense on Tuesday, December 24, learned Read more: US Will Use Nuclear Weapons Against Russia, Polish Analysts Say “The share of modern

Russia’s Su-57 fighter jet has tested new types of missiles in Syria

MOSCOW, (BM) - The Su-57 fighter has tested new types of missile and bomb weapons in Syria, learned, according Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu statement at a final meeting of the ministry with the participation of President Vladimir Putin. Read more: Russia’s Su-57 fighter jet successfully passed the second phase of tests

A Russian general explains in details why Su-57 fighter jet crashed early today

MOSCOW, (BM) - The engine of the Su-57 fighter, which crashed in the Khabarovsk Territory, was tested using special programs at maximum speeds, learned, quoting the former commander of the 4th Army of the Air Force and Air Defense, Lieutenant General Valery Gorbenko. Read more: Russian 5th generation aircraft crashed

Russia has received a new S-350 anti-aircraft missile system

MOSCOW, (BM) - The Russian Ministry of Defense has received a new V-Vityaz S-350 medium-range anti-aircraft missile system, learned, quoting Russian media source Channel 24. Read more: The Latest Russian S-500 and S-350 Systems Will Enter Service Soon According to the press service of the Almaz-Antey concern, which

Russia creates subsonic sixth-generation unmanned strategic bomber

MOSCOW, (BM) - Russia will create a sixth-generation unmanned strategic bomber, Lieutenant General Sergey Kobylash, has learned according commander of the Long-Range Aviation of the Russian Air Force statement. Read more: The First Upgraded Tupolev-160M Bomber to Enter the Russian Armed Forces in 2021 “Further

Russia is ready to demonstrate its Sarmat ballistic missile to the US (video)

MOSCOW, (BM) - Russia has showed the US representatives the Avangard deense system live, and later it will be ready to demonstrate the Sarmat ballistic missile, learned, quoting Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov statement. Read more: The Pop-up Tests of Sarmat ICBM Confirm Efficiency of the Technical Solutions “We

Russian company announced the delivery of four nuclear submarines to the Navy

MOSCOW, (BM) - The head of Sevmash (part of the United Shipbuilding Corporation) Mikhail Budnichenko confirmed the plans of the enterprise in 2020 to transfer four nuclear submarines (NPS) to the Navy, learned Read more: Russia plans to test new generation of hypersonic warheads using the Sarmat missile system “In

Are Russian missiles capable to strike an American aircraft carrier?

MOSCOW, (BM) - Anti-ship cruise missiles of operational-tactical purpose (RCC OTN) 3M55, 3M45 and 3M70 missile systems "Onyx", "Granite" and "Volcano" are rightfully considered the pride of the Russian Navy. However, there is an opinion that their outstanding flight range (500–700 km) is not provided by reliable target designation, and therefore

Russia’s Su-57 fighter jet successfully passed the second phase of tests in Syria

MOSCOW, (BM) - The fifth-generation Russian fighter Su-57 successfully passed the second stage of tests in Syria, learned, according the head of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Russia Valery Gerasimov statement. Read more: The Russia`s Su-57 Fighter Jet is a “Criminal” – NATO He told the foreign military

The Russian air defense system probably shot down an American drone

MOSCOW, (BM) - The US military announced the loss of its unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) in northern Africa. This drone, according Colonel Christopher Carns, spokesman for the US AF Command, was lost on November 21, learned, quoting Nezavisimaya Gazeta. Read more: Pakistan wants to buy FD-2000 long-range air defense missile

The launch of the Russia’s Iskander ballistic missile (video)

MOSCOW, (BM) - The Ministry of Defense published a video of the training and combat launch of a ballistic missile of the Iskander operational-tactical missile complex (OTRK), made from the Kapustin Yar training ground in the Astrakhan Region. Read more: Russian anti-aircraft divisions successfully test the S-400 missile systems (video)

Putin announced the strengthening of Russia’s position in the global arms market

MOSCOW, (BM) - Russia is strengthening its position in the global arms market even in the face of increased sanctions and unfair competition, learned, quoting President Vladimir Putin statement at a meeting of the commission on military-technical cooperation with foreign states. Read more: Why Russia sells its latest

Russia’s Aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov” caught fire in Murmansk (video)

MOSCOW, (BM) - A fire occurred during repair work on the aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov" in Murmansk, learned, quoting Russian website Vzlyad. Read more: Russia’s frigate Admiral Gorshkov has launched Caliber cruise missiles (video) According to preliminary data, the fire arose in the first energy compartment,

Russia creates Arctic defense dome using S-400 defense missile systems

MOSCOW, (BM) - The Northern Fleet will arm all its Arctic battalions with S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems in coming years to create an air defense dome over the Russian Arctic, learned, according Fleet Commander Vice-Admiral Alexander Moiseyev statement in an interview with the Defense Ministry’s Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper

Russia has built compatible batteries of Turkish S-400 with NATO hardware

MOSCOW, (BM) - Turkey’s acquisition of the Russian S-400 surface to air missile system has led to serious questions particularly from other members of NATO alliance regarding the compatibility of the platform with the alliance’s military hardware, learned Read more: ‘If Turkey Does Not Get the F-35, We’ll Looking for

Russia plans to start building better landing ships in next months

MOSCOW, (BM) - The Russian Navy is still preparing to implement a large-scale project, begun at one time by Anatoly Serdyukov and frustrated by France: the construction of modern universal landing ships. What will the Russian counterparts of the French Mistrals look like, what capabilities will they have - and what tasks will they solve? Not so

Russian anti-aircraft divisions successfully test the S-400 missile systems (video)

MOSCOW, (BM) - Anti-aircraft division of the Southern Military District used the S-400 Triumph anti-aircraft missile systems for eight low-flying high-speed maneuverable targets during training at the Kapustin Yar training ground. The targets were target missiles “Boar”, “Bekas” and “Armavir”. Turning around in the positional area and stepping

Russia has unveiled several hypersonic nuclear weapons for only 24 months

WASHINGTON, (BM) - Russian President Vladimir Putin’s March 1, 2018 annual state-of-the-nation address became his most-cited since his 2007 Munich speech. “Listen to us now,” he warned NATO after unveiling several hypersonic, nuclear-capable weapons: the Kinzhal missile system, Sarmat ICBM, and the Avangard glide vehicle. The March 1st adress

Russia’s frigate Admiral Gorshkov has launched Caliber cruise missiles (video)

MOSCOW, (BM) - A video of launch of Caliber cruise missiles from the head frigate of Project 22350 Admiral Gorshkov as part of the Thunder 2019 exercise has leaked in the web. Read more: Northern Fleet Frigate Admiral Gorshkov Destroys Enemy with Artillery Fire During an Exercise in the Atlantic What is Caliber cruise missile is? The

Why Russia sells its latest military technology?

MOSCOW, (BM) - A representative of the Ukroboronprom concern claims that the Ukrainian company allegedly “wins” Russia's position in the arms markets. Why are these words nothing more than false propaganda? What are the real positions of Russian weapons on the world market? Is there a danger that Russia will eventually sell the latest defense

Russia will create better S-400 missile system, after Turkish test last week

WASHINGTON, (BM) - While Turkey’s decision to purchase Russia’s advanced S-400 air defense system may have cost them access to America’s F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, it’s are already moving ahead with testing the Russian weapon system against U.S. made F-16s. Some American officials have already voiced concerns over the possibility that Russia

Russia’s Radar Capable of Spotting Stealth Aircraft is Ready to Assume Combat Duty

MOSCOW, (BM) - The third Rezonans-N radar capable of spotting hypersonic missiles flying at a speed of 20 times the speed of sound and stealth aircraft is ready to assume combat duty on Russia’s Novaya Zemlya Arctic Archipelago, learned, quoting TASS. Read more: China Is Developing a Radar System for Interception of

Russia Has Assembled Its First Upgraded Tupolev Tu-160M Strategic Bomber

MOSCOW, (BM) - Russia has assembled its first upgraded Tupolev Tu-160M strategic missile-carrying bomber and started its trials, learned, quoting a source in the defense industry. Read more: Russia Starts Production of Upgraded Tu-160 "On November 28, the first heavily upgraded Tu-160M strategic missile-carrying bomber

Joint Naval Exercise Has Been Started Between Russia, China and RSA

CAPE TAWN, (BM) - The crew of the missile cruiser "Marshal Ustinov" took part in the opening of the first joint naval exercises of the ships of Russia, South Africa and China "Mosi", learned, according the press service of the Northern Fleet (SF) statement. Read more: Russia’s Iskander-M Missile Systems Strike Enemy

Russia’s Pantsyr-S Anti-Aircraft System Has Shot Down Two MQ-9 Reaper UAVs

TRIPOLI, (BM) - In the last two days, the US and Italy Air Force lost one reconnaissance UAV in Libya and in almost the same area - near Tripoli, learned Read more: Serbia Buys Russian Pantsyr-S Air Defence System The losses of both the MQ-9 Reaper and MQ-9A Predator-B UAVs have been officially confirmed by the Air

Russian Air Force Killed a Senior Islamic State Leader Hussain Junaid al-Amriki

MOSCOW, (BM) - On Saturday, Russian Air Force bombers killed a senior Islamic State facilitation leader named Hussain Junaid al-Amriki during an air raid on a hospital in Idlib Province, Syria, learned Read more: Islamic State Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Was Killed by U.S. Soldiers Russian leaders are triumphing the

Russia is Offering UAE to Produce Components for Su-57 Fighter Jet

MOSCOW, (BM) - Just a few days ago, the US said that there had been no active discussions with the UAE so far about the purchase of the US stealth fighter F-35. This prompted Russia to offer the UAE the opportunity to produce the components needed to develop the Russian equivalent, the Su-57, if a deal is reached between the two countries. Read

Russia’s Iskander-M Missile Systems Strike Enemy Forces

MOSCOW, (BM) - The teams of Iskander-M tactical missile systems from Russia’s Central Military District delivered strikes against a notional enemy force during drills in the Sverdlovsk Region in the Urals, learned, according the District’s press office statement on Tuesday. Read more: Russia Has Made a Massive Exercise of

Is the America`s Patriot Defense Systems So Bad? Saudi Arabia Buys S-400 from Russia

DUBAI, (BM) - Russia and Saudi Arabia are negotiating the terms of the implementation of the contract for Russian S-400 air defense missile systems, learned according a spokesman for Russia’s Federal Service for Military Technical Cooperation statement at the Dubai Airshow 2019 on Sunday. Read more: Riyadh Has Acquired the

The Mig-29 Multi-Role Aircraft as a Deadly Answer to the F-16

WASHINGTON, (BM) - As with many of Russia’s most prolific aircraft, the MiG-29 has spawned numerous variants four decades of service. Originally intended as an superiority fighter, and particularly as the Soviet answer to the F-16, the MiG-29 has been gradually recast as a multi-role aircraft with an increasingly robust air-to-surface armament

The Russia`s Su-34 Aviation Regiment in the Far East Received Anti-Ship Missiles

MOSCOW, (BM) - Front-line bombers of the Su-34 aviation regiment stationed in the Far East received anti-ship missiles X-35У, learned, quoting Topwar. Read more: Two Russian Su-34 Fighter Bombers Collide in Midair during Training Flight Russian front-line bombers Su-34 from the 277-th bomber regiment stationed at the

Russia Plans to Unveil the New TOS-2 Heavy Flamethrower System Next Year

MOSCOW, (BM) - The Russian Defense Ministry plans to show the new TOS-2 heavy flamethrower system at the parade in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Victory and send it to the troops, learned Read more: Russia`s Grad Rocket System Has Been Upgraded to Tornado-G Level and Delivered to the Army This was announced by