Turkey grants huge favor to Russia

Turkey has been a member of NATO already since 1952, but a serious question has recently emerged: is Turkey on the side of NATO, or has it perhaps sided with Russia?

Belarus’ forced wedding: how Putin publicly humiliated Lukashenko?

MINSK, (BM) - We often read that Russia and Belarus are unable to agree about the prices and delivery conditions of oil products and natural gas. This was the case in 2017, and it is the case now as well: the particular issue resurfaces with certain frequency and it seems it will continue to do so. Read more: Military and defense analyzes,

Russian spy network spreads like Coronavirus

RIGA, (BM) - With the ongoing geopolitical chaos, as well as the bloodthirsty ambitions of Putin’s regime gaining ground in Ukraine, Africa and maybe even Belarus, it is no wonder that Russian spies are getting caught in Europe one after another. This is a signal that the concentration of Russian spies in Europe, especially its eastern part,

Belgian tolerance of Russian spies – naivety or deliberate intention

BRUSSELS, (BM) - We live in an era where news about the activities of Russian spies is nothing really new to anyone. It was recently reported that Belgian intelligence services, the ones responsible for protecting EU and NATO objects, have begun large-scale investigations based on concerns of possible infiltration by Russia or other actors.

Democratization or Stalinization: Putin’s amendments

RIGA, (BM) - We’ve been digging in our own backyard for long enough, so for a change let’s look at what’s happening in the wide world. There’s no doubt that the events taking place in our neighboring land are significant, as they can affect us in the long-run. I’m, of course, talking about the announcement made by Russian President Vladimir

Putin’s private army is thirsty for some fun

RIGA, (BM) - In the harsh modern geopolitical situation, characterized by hybrid warfare between the engaged actors, bloodhounds of Putin’s chef have once again fallen into media disfavor – I am, of course, talking about Wagner. Some of the Kremlin’s mercenaries were thirsty for some fun, so they decided to mangle a Syrian man and set his

Wagner – Russia’s mercenary army: something new or well-forgotten old?

RIGA, (BM) - For quite some time there have been discussions whether the mercenary armies formed in Russia are solely private establishments or are they an alternative tool blessed and supported by the Kremlin for reaching its goals? First, let us forget about higher philosophy and look at one basic subject – are private military establishments