Russia’s MiG-35 is Capable but Can It Fight America’s F-22 and F-35

WASHINGTON, (BM) - For years, its manufacturer has marketed the MiG-35 as a “4++” fighter: “I would say that this is a new plane that surpasses our foreign competitors. In other words, this is a 4++ level plane,” stated Mikoyan General Director Ilya Tarasenko in a recent interview. Russian President Vladimir Putin echoed this sentiment at a

The U.S. Has Bombed Their Own Warehouse in Syria, US Colonel Said

WASHINGTON, (BM) - In the United States, information was confirmed that US Air Force planes destroyed the ammunition depot of the American coalition in Syria, learned, quoting Topwar. It is reported that we are talking about a planned operation. Read more: According Turkey, US Supports Terrorist PKK/YPG in Syria with

Turkey Prepares to Replace the F-35 with Another Fifth-Generation Aircraft

ISTAMBUL, (BM) - If the United States completely refuses to sell fifth-generation fighter aircraft F-35, Turkey will take advantage of alternative proposals for the purchase of aircraft, learned, quoting Topwar. According to the Turkish leader, Ankara is receiving proposals for the supply of modern military aircraft

India Upgrades Su-30 MKI to the Most Fearsome Fighter Jet in the Region

NEW DELHI, (BM) - The Su-30MKI Flanker currently forms the mainstay of the Indian Air Force’s combat fleet, with 11 of the service’s 27 fighter squadrons comprised of the aircraft and additional squadrons planned. The aircraft represents a significant enhancement over the original Su-27 Flanker, the Soviet Air Force’s most capable air superiority

Russia`s Submarines Will Be Testing Their Ballistic Missile Firing Capabilities

MOSCOW, (BM) - Five submarines, more than 100 aircraft, 200 missile launchers and 12,000 Russian troops will be taking part in the exercise, the Defence Ministry said Monday — the latest major drill testing the readiness of Russia’s strategic nuclear forces, learned Read more: Russian and Pakistani Special Forces in

Israeli-Upgraded Tanks are Used by Turks in Their Offensive in Syria

JERUSALEM, (BM) - Turkey is using M60-A1 tanks upgraded by Israel in its offensive against the Kurds in northern Syria, learned, quoting The Jerusalem Post. Photos near the Turkish border town of Akçakale during Operation Peace Spring of M-60 tanks upgraded by Israeli Military Industries are circulating on social media. In

China Has Developed a New Hypersonic Weapon

WASHINGTON, (BM) - China celebrated the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China on Oct. 1 in typical fashion – with a military parade. Some of the new weapons on display that day provide cause for serious concern among U.S. policymakers. Read more: Russia Successfully Tests the Hypersonic Missile “Avangard”. The U.S.:

Poland Launched the Second Newest Minesweeper

GDANSK, (BM) - In Poland, the second newest minesweeper of the 258 project of the Kormoran type was launched, learned, quoting Topwar. The ceremony was held at the Polish shipyard Remontowa Shipbuilding (officially named Gdanska Stocznia "Remontowa" im. J. Pilsudskiego SA) in Gdansk. Read more: Saudi Arabia Buys

The Su-27 of the Russian Federation is a Real Killer, US Magazine Announced

WASHINGTON, (BM) - To the West, most of the legendary Soviet aircraft of the Cold War came from the design bureau Mikoyan Gurevitch, which spawned such aircraft as the MiG-15 “Fagot,” MiG-21 “Fishbed,” MiG-25 “Foxbat” and MiG-29 “Fulcrum.” The single best Soviet fighter of the Cold War, however, was Sukhoi’s Su-27 “Flanker.” Intended both to

Russia Exports Military Knowhow to China

TOKYO, (BM) - Russo-Chinese relations continue to improve as both countries’ ties with the United States have grown increasingly strained. Moscow and Beijing describe their bilateral relationship as a “strategic partnership,” constantly adding new adjectives to emphasize its evolving strength. The People’s Republic of China (PRC) has insisted it

Erdogan Announces Liberation of Syria ‘Safe Zone’; Kurdish Counter-Attack

PANAGYURISHTE, (BM) – Your briefly report on October 15 in last twelve hours from Erdogan announces liberation of Syria ‘safe zone’, ready for refugees to return Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has today announced the securement of liberated territory for the planned safe zone in Syria, with a length of 444

The U.S. is Testing a New Concept – Sending Cyber Forces in Europe

WASHINGTON, (BM) - The US military is testing a new concept for the interaction of cyber units and UAV units of the Cyber ​​Squadron Initiative, learned BulgarianMilitary, quoting Topwar. According to the new concept, the US Air Force command plans to use special cyber groups in the mission execution area to protect the UAV from enemy

Russia’s S-500 is a Threat and Nightmare for NATO and U.S. in the Middle East

BEIRUT, (BM) - The Russian Federation’s S-500 Prometheus is supposed to adopt a unique system after completing all necessary tests, which will pose a serious threat to the U.S.’ missile supremacy, learned, quoting a chinese journalist. Read more: Russia`s S-500 Systems Will Enter Service Soon to Russian Army, Turkey Ready

A Number of Houthis Were Killed and Others Wounded in Air Strikes in Yemen

DUBAI, (BM) - A number of Houthis were killed and others wounded in air strikes carried out by the Arab coalition in Hajjah province, learned, quoting state news agency SPA. Read more: The Yemeni Houthi Rebels Might Have North Korean Missiles, US Said The air strikes targeted the militia’s positions in the east and

Lithuania Wants NATO to Reframe Its Baltic Airspace Mission

VILNIUS, (BM) - Lithuania wants NATO to reframe its mission of protecting the Baltic airspace with more of a combat punch in mind, as nations in the region consider their defensive posture toward Russia, learned, quoting Defense News. Leaders from the southernmost Baltic country previously told alliance officials that they

After U.S. Withdrawal from Syria, the Middle East Has a New Master – Russia

MOSCOW, (BM) - Depending on how far Turkey will go into northeastern Syria and how long it will spend there, Russia’s interests in the region might get hurt. But the Kremlin’s position on the military offensive that Turkey is now waging against the Kurdish-led forces, including the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a U.S. ally, has been generally

South Korea Unveils 5th Generation Fighter Jet

SEOUL, (BM) - On the international aerospace exhibition in Seoul, South Korean manufacturers have introduced full-size mock-looking aircraft, learned, quoting Topwar. Particular attention has attracted a full-size mock-up of the fifth generation of South Korean fighter, designated by the name of the program - KF-X.

The U.S. is Considering to Remove Nuclear Weapons from Turkish Incirlik Air Base

WASHINGTON, (BM) - US officials met in recent days to review plans to remove some 50 nuclear weapons housed under American control at the Incirlik Air Base in Turkey amid growing tensions with Ankara, learned, according The New York Times report. US President Donald Trump said Monday he would issue new sanctions against

The US Stealth Destroyer Will Able to Change the Face of Surface Battles

WASHINGTON, (BM) - The destroyer USS Zumwalt (DDG-1000) is getting closer to the beginning of a full-fledged service and solving combat missions, writes American analyst Chris Osborne. Meanwhile, the US Navy is engaged in combat use of such a ship and is working out situations in which it will be most useful. The goals and objectives of the

Russia Starts Nuclear Test and Drills Which Are ‘Not Aimed to Other Countries’

MOSCOW, (BM) - The Russian strategic nuclear forces’ drills Thunder 2019 are defensive and are not aimed against other states, learned, according acting Head of the Defense Ministry’s Main Department for International Military Cooperation Major General Yevgeny Ilyin statement. Read more: Russian and Pakistani Special

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