The Israeli air force has performed an air attack on Iranian targets in Syria

JERUSALEM, Israel ( - The Israeli air force (IAF) has performed a massive air attack on Iranian targets in Syria. The standoff precision bombs hit the targets on Dec 25, learned In response, the Syrians have launched a salvo of some 30 surface-air missiles against the attacking aircraft. One such

The Israeli air force (IAF) is increasing the number of UAV simulators

JERUSALEM, Israel ( – The Israeli airforce (IAF) is increasing the number of UAV simulators to train more operators as these perform more and more missions. The simulators are being upgraded continuously, based on the operational experience gained by the wide use of UAV, learned The IAF continues to

Israeli MoD and Rafael performed a test of Spike anti-tank missile

JERUSALEM, Israel ( - The Israeli ministry of defence and Rafael have performed an advanced test launch of the Spike anti-tank missile from Israeli's new Eitan armored personnel carrier (APC). The launcher has been installed on a special remotely controlled weapons turret that enables to operate different weapon systems

Can Israel keep its position as one of the top UAS exporter?

JERUSALEM, Israel ( - The saying "Troubles come in packages" has been recently proven to be very true. An Israeli company lost two major tenders for the supply of advanced UAS. The total loss is estimated at 1.2 billion U.S $. But that is just the introduction to a very serious issue that Israeli companies have and will…

Damascus still has the capability to launch attacks based on chemical weapons

JERUSALEM, Israel ( - In recent weeks, the topic of chemical attacks on Syrian rebels has been on the agenda again. Sources (unverified) claim that there are even real reports of a new chemical attack. It’s not the first time that all signs show that Syria has not complied with its obligation to destroy its chemical weapons…