Finland will defend its sky using ELM-2311 Multi – Mission Radar

JERUSALEM, Israel ( - The Finnish defence forces will detect an array of aerial threats using the Elta Compact Multi-Mission Radars (C-MMR) ELM-2311, learned Read more: ELTA Systems Revealed a New and Enhanced Configuration of Its Drone Guard System ELTA a subsidiary of Israel aerospace

Israel has performed a limited test of its Arrow-3 ballistic missile defence system

JERUSALEM, Israel ( - Israel has performed a limited test of its Arrow-3 ballistic missile defence system over the Mediterranean, learned The test was performed in the early morning of Jan. 22 from the Palmachim air base in central Israel. The test was part of the preparations for the full-scale

Israeli companies change the way of handling Missiles and Satellites

JERUSALEM, Israel ( - This may change what we know about all types of rockets. At this stage the scientists talk in a theoretical mode, but Israeli companies have started to evaluate the operational possibilities. An Israeli company is developing a jell based propellant, that will change the way rockets and satellites are

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has begun the production of F-35 wing skins

JERUSALEM, Israel ( - Israel aerospace industries (IAI) has begun the production of F-35 wing skins, learned The new production line was set up following Lockheed Martin’s decision to expand the skins’ production IAI board has approved the construction of the new production line in 2015. Read

The U.S. Army will purchase two Israeli Iron Dome rocket defence systems

JERUSALEM, Israel ( - The U.S. Army has decided to purchase two Israeli made Iron Dome rocket defence systems. The acquisition is defined as urgent and the systems will be supplied next year, learned The Iron Dome has been demonstrated in the U.S. two years ago. Since then U.S. experts visited the

The new Tavor 7 is battle-ready and has real potential for European and Asian markets

JERUSALEM, Israel ( - Armed forces in Western and Eastern Europe are showing interest in the TAVOR7 the new version of the assault rifle developed by Israel Weapons Industries (IWI), learned A company official revealed that the new version is being evaluated by what he referred to as “Armed Forces”

Iran’s ballistic missile program is moving forward in spite of warnings (Photos)

JERUSALEM, Israel ( - The failed Iranian launch of an imaging satellite proves that this country's ballistic missile program is moving forward in spite of warnings from the U.S and Europe. Israel has observed the preparations for launch and the launch itself, learned Iran said it conducted a

Is Turkey a NATO member or plays solo?

JERUSALEM, Israel ( - The new confrontation between the U.S and Turkey has again brought up the question on this country's role and status in NATO. Israeli sources said on Jan. 14 that while there is continuous tension between Washington and Ankara, one issue has not been solved- the continued membership of Turkey in NATO,

Israeli air force had attacked Iranian weapons warehouses in Syria

JERUSALEM, Israel ( - Israel officially raised the secrecy curtain that was put on its activities in Syria against Iranian targets, learned The move confirms a prior report by that Israel intends to take care of the “Syrian Problem” by itself, despite the U.S withdrwal. Read

Israeli Ex-military Building Protection Strategies For UN Employees In Africa

BAMAKO, Mali ( - Israeli security experts are now building protection strategies for UN employees in Africa, learned The experts are ex-military and security services and have been hired by the UN for this mission. So far contracts valued at least 30 million US$ have been signed with the

Israel has a master plan to build the UAV`s arsenal in the next 15 years

JERUSALEM, Israel ( - The number of flight hours performed by the Israeli air force (IAF) UAV squadrons is high and will become even higher when some dedicated missions performed by manned aircraft, will be handed to the unmanned platforms, learned "The UAV squadrons are getting a top priority

The Israeli Navy Will Integrate Rafael’s C-Dome Defense System

JERUSALEM, Israel ( - The Israeli navy and Rafael are cooperating in order to make the installation of the C-Dome naval defence systems on the new SAAR – 6 corvettes as easy as possible, learned The C-Dome Naval defence system is based on the Iron Dome and designed to effectively protect combat

Elbit Systems and Bagira are developing new anti-terror simulators

JERUSALEM, Israel ( - Israeli companies, in close cooperation with the Israeli defence forces (IDF) and the Israeli border police, are developing new simulation systems to improve the training of special units in ant terror operations, learned Israel's main force against any threat is the IDF. Some