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BulgarianMilitary.com (BM) is not a Bulgarian Government or any other Government Publication. BulgarianMilitary.com is a stand-alone military project of Publico Ltd.

BM is an online media for news, analyses, and comments on the Bulgarian and international defence industry, and the Bulgarian and international military situation. BulgarianMilitary.com is the largest English-language media related to this field and sector in Bulgaria.

The structure of our media involves online publications, video news, and printed magazine issue, digital weekly bulletin and printed bulletin on the International Defence, Antiterrorism, and Security Exhibition “HEMUS” in the town of Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

Content of good quality
A big part of the articles are texts personally written by journalists and translators-editors, who participate in the editing of the site. Our goal is medium-long texts, which to be specific and clear for the readers. When needed, we reliably quote the source of the published information. Please remember – this is a website for news and our goal is to present them such as they are, and not to debate on them. We leave the conclusions to be made by you.

The focus of the site content is directed to informing the society about the latest news, technologies, and hot topics not only from the world of the Bulgarian and international defence, but also from the Bulgarian military industry that is a significant engine of the state economy.

Content up to date
There are news from the military and defence industry continuously. Sifting out of the right content allows us to keep you informed on time without burdening you with too much and unnecessary information.


BM, the magazine and all related media are a project of the Bulgarian media and advertising agency Publico Ltd. The company is owned and managed by Boyko Nikolov – a Bulgarian citizen. The company is registered in the Commercial Register of the Republic of Bulgaria with an identification number 205538065.

BulgarianMilitary.com is funded by::
– by third party advertising and affiliate ads programs (Google AdSense);
– by selling digital marketing tools;

As a Bulgarian company, Publico Ltd. pays taxes in the Republic of Bulgaria. You can at any time check the status of Publico Ltd at the official site of the Commercial Registrar of the Republic of Bulgaria. You can also check the company’s annual financial statements and tax returns, also from the Commercial Registrar of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Labor relations
All employees working at Publico Ltd. and directly related to the activity of this site as well as all the media of the company in the field of defense and security work with appointment under a labor contract and are registered with the National Revenue Agency of The Republic of Bulgaria.

Official Address
The official address and real physical address of Publico Ltd according to the registration in the Commercial Register and the National Revenue Agency of the Republic of Bulgaria is:

24, Georgi Benkovski str.,
vh.A, et.4, ap.16
4500 Panagyurishte

Phone: n/a
Mobile: +359 882 032 672

Publico Ltd. website: LinkedIn Publico’s page

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