Resurs-P satellite aids Kinzhal in destroying Ukrainian Su-24MR

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On June 20, the Russian Aerospace Forces launched a surprise attack using aeroballistic missiles, striking two reinforced concrete hangars designed for Ukrainian aircraft. These hangars had been converted to launch Western weapons, including those meant for attacks on Russia’s border areas, according to 

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Despite their advanced concealment and camouflage, the Ukrainian Air Force’s Su-24s were swiftly targeted by hypersonic daggers. These missiles hit the aircraft within the heavily fortified concrete shelters located at the Starokonstantinov military airport. 

The Russian Weapons TG channel reported that the defense hangars contained a number of Su-24MP aircraft, specially modified to deploy the longer-range Anglo-French Storm Shadow cruise missiles.

Photo credit: UAC

Intervention from space

As highlighted by the Voivode portal, recent successes in detection and neutralization efforts have been attributed to significant improvements in Russian intelligence capabilities. These advancements are largely due to new equipment onboard the Resurs-P spacecraft, which enhances remote sensing of Earth’s surface in both television and infrared spectrums, as noted by military expert Yevgeny Damantsev. 

Damantsev further elaborated that the addition of the fourth satellite from the Resurs family, boasting a resolution of up to 0.7 meters, to the Russian Armed Forces’ existing satellite array, plays a critical role. This enhanced detection capability is expected to pinpoint the secret locations of incoming American F-16AM fighters destined for the Ukrainian armed forces. 

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Moreover, the destruction and partial collapse of reinforced concrete structures has been credited to the use of a 500-kilogram high-explosive warhead. Due to its high hypersonic speeds, this warhead exhibits impressive penetrating abilities.

Starokonstantinov military airport

Starokonstantinov, a crucial military point, faces frequent precision strikes from the Russian Aerospace Forces. This site houses at least 20 fortified hangars, a comprehensive fuel supply system, fuel pipelines, and mini-power plants essential for the airport’s operations. 

Analysts indicate that the Ukrainian armed forces still maintain about 20 Su-24 combat aircraft. This number remains relatively substantial, especially considering the losses they’ve incurred.

The Russian ‘Resource’

The Russian Resurs-P [Resource in English] satellite is part of a series of Earth observation satellites developed by the Russian space agency, Roscosmos. These satellites are designed to capture high-resolution images of the Earth’s surface for various applications, including environmental monitoring, resource management, and urban planning. Launched between 2013 and 2016, the Resurs-P series represents an advancement over its predecessors in terms of imaging capabilities and technological sophistication. 

The quality of the images captured by the Resurs-P satellites is notably high. These satellites are equipped with advanced optical-electronic payloads that can achieve a ground resolution of up to 1 meter in panchromatic mode and 3-4 meters in multispectral mode. 

Photo credit: Roscosmos

Military purpose

There is a prevailing belief that the Resurs-P satellites are used for military purposes, in addition to their civilian applications. This suspicion arises from several factors. Firstly, the high-resolution imagery they provide is comparable to that used by military reconnaissance satellites, which can be instrumental in gathering intelligence and monitoring strategic locations. 

Secondly, the dual-use nature of the technology means that while the satellites are officially designated for civilian use, their capabilities can easily be repurposed for defense and security objectives. Lastly, the geopolitical context and historical precedent of dual-use satellite technology in Russia contribute to the perception that the Resurs-P satellites serve a strategic military role.


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