Modular container deploys 126 kamikaze drones in few minutes

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Rheinmetall, the renowned German defense company, has unveiled a cutting-edge system that swiftly deploys a formidable fleet of attack drones right into the heart of battle. Central to this innovation is a modular shipping container capable of holding up to 126 kamikaze drones, ready for immediate action. 

Photo credit: Rheinmetall

According to The War Zone’s article titled “Shipping container launcher packing 126 kamikaze drones enters the market,” Rheinmetall collaborated with the Israeli munitions company UVision to create a mobile launcher that fits seamlessly into a standard 20ft sea container.

A detailed render from The War Zone illustrates the container’s three-section design, each holding 42 launch cells, amounting to a total of 126 ready-to-deploy drones. These drones can operate up to 60 km away, remain airborne for up to an hour, and strike targets with high-explosive or armor-piercing warheads. 

An intriguing aspect of the Hero-120 is its operational control system, enabling real-time flight and guidance control for the operator. This modular design can be adapted to fit various container sizes, ranging from 3 to 12 meters in length.

Experts highlight the significant potential of utilizing container launchers in the maritime domain. Ship-deployed munitions can effectively target critical systems on surface vessels, incapacitating them without requiring the ships to submerge. 

The Hero ammunition offers diverse applications. These range from portable single-tube launchers to multi-cell launchers integrated into armored vehicles and deployed on both manned and unmanned vessels.

This development highlights various ways to air-launch Hero ammunition. Interestingly, Germany isn’t alone in creating drone swarm launch systems. China is also working on similar technology, though on a more modest scale. Check out the video below that showcases a Chinese prototype tested on a truck-mounted launcher, which can carry up to 48 kamikaze drones. 

These drones aren’t just for the air; they can tackle small surface and underwater threats, including unmanned explosive-laden boats. Just last week, an unusual Houthi kamikaze surface attack in the Red Sea left the Liberian-flagged cargo ship M/V Tutor severely damaged and eventually sunk. Get more details about this incident here. 

The rise of such technologies, launching entire “flocks” of attack drones, poses a significant challenge for air defense systems, compelling the military to innovate new tactics and countermeasures.


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