Russian plant producing BMP-3 & BMD-4 IFVs faces risk of submersion

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Concerns have heightened as prolonged flooding continues in the border regions of Russia and Kazakhstan, resulting from an unforeseen release from nearby reservoirs. Kurgan, a city in Russia, is likely to face a substantial part of the prospective deluge due to its closeness to the Tobol River. 

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Even with the peak of the flood yet to arrive, preemptive evacuation protocols have been implemented in areas anticipated to be in the direct line of the flood, with the possibility for extensive water spread if levels persist in rising. These assessments are grounded on official statistics furnished by the city administration. 

The maps issued by the local administration delineate areas at risk, brightly marked in yellow and red, based on the potential water levels of 7.7 meters and 9 meters respectively. Corresponding lines represent different predictions that engage as water levels escalate from 11 meters to 14 meters.

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Kurganmashzavod faces risk

According to Ukrainian sources, the facility that holds a significant position in this context is “Kurganmashzavod”. This establishment prides itself on being the only manufacturer of new combat vehicles for infantry and landing forces in Russia. The production line here includes all BMP-3 and BMD-4 units, in addition to the modernization of BMP-2 units fitted with “Berezhok” combat modules. Other armored vehicles such as “Rakushka” BTR-MD and the “Octopus” are also produced here. 

Flooding forecasts pinpoint this location as being within the 11-12 meter mark. Even within Russia, precise predictions about the flood levels in Kurgan are withheld, providing only vague indications of above 11 meters or a range between 9-14 meters. 

The local Kurgan authorities suggest that only a favorable natural turn of events could prevent the city from being struck by disaster. The peak of the flood is projected for April 14th. Consequently, it’s feasible to conclude that natural forces like a flood could deal a more significant blow to the Russian arms industry than any sanctions imposed. The primary reason is that operations at the “Kurganmashzavod” would be halted if a catastrophic flood were to take place.

About Kurgan’s plant

Originally established in 1950 as a repair station for returning front-line tanks, the Kurganmashzavod factory now holds a prominent role in the production of Russian military and specialized equipment. Over the years, the factory has evolved into a key producer of military machinery. Kurganmashzavod is recognized for its production of the BMP series infantry combat vehicles, which are widely used in various countries across the globe. The factory also manufactures the renowned BMD series of airborne assault vehicles, as well as the 2S25 Sprut-SD—a self-propelled tank destroyer. 

The factory also specializes in producing a diverse range of unique gear, including tracked vehicles designed for snowy and swampy terrains, plus a suite of civil engineering machinery. The breadth of its production capabilities underscores Kurganmashzavod’s adaptability and its crucial role within Russia’s industrial and defense sectors. 

On the human resources front, the Kurganmashzavod campus hosts a large workforce. The exact number often fluctuates due to market demand and shifting production cycles, but it’s clear that the facility employs thousands of individuals. These workers embody a wide range of roles—from skilled laborers and technicians to engineers and administrative professionals—all of whom are integral to the operation’s continual success.


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