UK gifts two Pearson cutting-edge mine clearance tech to Ukraine

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The official statement from the UK Ministry of Defense has confirmed that Ukraine will be the recipient of two mine clearance vehicles made by Pearson Engineering. This fact was also verified by Pearson Engineering earlier in the day. 

Photo credit: Pearson Engineering

Because of the unfortunate status of Ukraine as the country with the highest number of mines in the world, Pearson Engineering has secured a contract from the UK Ministry of Defense. Their mission? To supply equipment capable of reducing the risk posed by mines and improvised explosive devices [IEDs] to the Ukrainian military. This is a part of a previously announced bundle of mine clearance options, as declared in an official press release from the UK-based firm. 

The contract also includes the provision of multipurpose vehicle interfaces. These interfaces allow the armored vehicles, already in use in Ukraine, to deploy self-defense plows. These plows, generously donated by the British Army, have been refurbished by the experts at Pearson Engineering.

Remotely operated vehicles

Ukraine’s armored vehicle fleet is equipped with versatile vehicle interfaces. These interfaces not only enable the deployment of mine plows to clear safe routes but also accommodate a wide range of other ground equipment. This equipment is essential for overcoming various natural and man-made obstacles. 

Furthermore, Ukraine has remotely operated demining vehicles, known as MW370s. These vehicles are not exclusively for the dismantling of ordnance. They’re also designed to carve out safe paths through vast civilian territories. In addition, they have access to Barbadian mine rollers. These are defensive tools specifically designed to counter pressure-activated mines and IEDs. 

Each piece of equipment comes with a comprehensive package of spare parts and support. This ensures that, even in times of conflict, they can make significant contributions to the preservation of the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ lives and resources.

The safety of soldiers

Pearson Engineering’s CEO, Ian Bell, states, “Our primary role in the marketplace revolves around the design and distribution of life-saving tools like these. We have successfully supplied over 3,000 different types of mining plows all over the globe, and we’re continually investing in advancements to counteract the ever-evolving threats.” 

“We are committed to our international military clients and consistently tackle battlefield challenges to ensure the safety of soldiers,” he adds. 

Regrettably, Ukraine ranks as the world’s most intensively mined nation. Without the necessary equipment to diminish the risks posed by these devices on people and assets, the military interventions designed to safeguard the nation’s boundaries could face substantial disruption.

UK Defense said

As stated by Major General Anna-Lee Reilly the joint effort with industry partners remains steadfast. This is to ensure Ukraine possesses the crucial demining and explosive ordinance disposal capabilities. Major Reilly is the head of Strategic Capability, Engagement, and Operations at DE&S, These capabilities are pertinent not only to the current warfare scenario but also to the long-term safety and stability of Ukraine’s civilians. 

The announcement of this contract signifies continuing collaboration between Pearson and FFG, the renowned German vehicular manufacturer, to supply Ukraine with mine plows. This alliance, which has spanned multiple decades, aims to reinforce European military forces in their battles against anti-tank mine threats.


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