Russia demolished a rare Abrams hybrid on the battlefield edge

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In recent updates, we’ve learned about a unique piece of military machinery being destroyed. The focus is on the M1150, a special machine crafted by the Americans that resembles the structure of the Abrams tanks. 

An intriguing observation comes from a Russian think-tank Rybar. They maintain that this vital piece of military hardware was obliterated approximately a kilometer away from the actual battle, in a no man’s land near the serene village of Petrovske. Rybar finds it perplexing that Ukraine didn’t deploy backup to safeguard this valuable asset so close to the battleground. 

Significantly, the M1150 isn’t just valuable to Ukraine but also to the United States. Back in November, sources revealed that Ukraine was set to receive the M1150 Assault Breacher Vehicle [ABV]. Reliable reports suggest that the US Army only has around 30 to 50 of these battle vehicles. 

For Ukraine, this loss is significant. Given that the Russian army has installed dense minefields across the battlefield, and even behind Ukraine’s lines, the M1150 would have been crucial for Ukrainian engineer units attempting to clear these fields. Its loss will undoubtedly impede their efforts. 

A widely circulating video shows the M1150 taking a hit. It’s unclear from the video if the strike originated from air forces, such as a missile or a kamikaze drone, or ground forces, such as an artillery or an anti-tank system. Because the crew managed to escape the vehicle, it may have been a kamikaze drone as they had just enough time to detect it and avert a major catastrophe.

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Plow and launch system

The M1150 ABV machine is a clever solution for making way through land littered with mines. It incorporates a traditional plow system as well as a method that relies on high-powered explosions, based on the M58 MICLIC. This versatile combination allows the machine to clear mines, spanning an area of about 100-150 meters, in one swift operation. 

On a different note from the MICLIC, which solely relies on explosive charges and requires the M113 armored vehicle for support, the M1150 ABV offers a broader array of uses. One of its most notable features is its heightened protective covering. This doesn’t only enable it to go beyond the task of clearing mines – it can morph into a powerful assault tank. This attribute significantly amplifies its efficiency in tackling enemy fortifications.

Photo credit: Telegram

About M1150 ABV

Have you ever wondered about a standout piece of military machinery used by the U.S. military? Allow us to introduce the M1150 Assault Breacher Vehicle [ABV]. This robust vehicle’s primary function is to clear mines and explosives, thereby ensuring the safe progression of troops. Constructed along the lines of a tank, it is based on the framework of the M1 Abrams and employs a mine plow and line charges to accomplish its mission. 

Now, let’s backtrack to the year 2010. During that year, the U.S. Marine Corps [USMC] partook in Operation Moshtarak. This operation wasn’t the usual type — it was an international effort in collaboration with Afghan forces to counter the Taliban insurgency in southern Afghanistan. It’s noteworthy that the M1150 Assault Breacher Vehicle was a key player in this operation, leaving its indelible mark on military history.

Video screenshot


The key duty of these robust combat vehicles is to ensure the secure movement of our soldiers and vehicles. They achieve this by eliminating threats like landmines and improvised explosive devices.  

These impressive tanks, which weigh a massive 72 tons and stretch a vast 40 feet [12 m], are a variation of the internationally acclaimed M1 Abrams, equipped with a potent 1,500 horsepower engine. Despite having only a .50 caliber machine gun as their sole weapon, their most captivating feature is an enormous, 15-foot-wide [4.6 m] plow attached at the front. This plow, boasting metal runners, allows for streamlined movement across varying terrain and can withstand nearly 7,000 pounds [3,200 kg] of explosives.  

These tanks are equipped with the superb Linear Demolition Charge System [LDCS]. This exceptional mechanism fires rockets pre-loaded with C-4 explosives up to 150 yards ahead, safely detonating concealed explosives and clearing a safe passage for soldiers and vehicles.

Funded by the Marine Corps

In the 90s, the U.S. Army was struggling with the maintenance of increasingly complex vehicles. These challenges led to the abrupt end of the Grizzly program in 2001, with its prototype never making it to the production line. 

In contrast, the Marine Corps remained hopeful. They persisted with their efforts, managing their independent development and testing stages. The backbone of the final ABV model is a chassis crafted by General Dynamics. Intriguingly, it’s the same one that powers the M1A1 Abrams main battle tank. Interestingly enough, the unique plow and mine-clearing extensions originate from Pearson Engineering in the UK.


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