Elbit shows SPARK: Versatile UAS for multi-environment missions

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Elbit Systems, renowned worldwide for their defense technology, recently showcased the newest member of their acclaimed Hermes family. This state-of-the-art Unmanned Aerial System [UAS] promises remarkable endurance, flexibility, and economic efficiency in air, land, and sea operations. 

Photo credit: Elbit Systems

According to Yoram Shmuely, the General Manager of Elbit Systems Aerospace, the debut of the Hermes 650 Spark signifies a significant step forward for the company. This advanced UAS, reflecting years of industry dominance, underscores their unwavering dedication to technological advancement and to providing exceptional capabilities to their global partners. 

Shmuely also expressed his confidence in how this new addition to the company’s diverse and inventive aerospace defense range will only enhance its commitment to advancing defense technology. He believes it will ensure security and aptly cater to the ever-evolving demands of modern warfare.

A tactical UAS

Welcome to the new generation of tactical Unmanned Aerial Systems [UAS] – the Hermes 650 Spark. This advanced piece of machinery joins the highly regarded Hermes family, perfectly meeting the constantly evolving needs of the aerospace and defense sectors. The main advantages? Its multi-mission capability, versatility, and survivability, greatly expand the operational flight possibilities.  

With its Medium Altitude Long Endurance [MALE] capacity, the Hermes 650 Spark stands out when considering its payload capacity. It takes things to a new level in terms of flight speed, range, endurance, and operational efficiency – a genuine game changer in the UAS field.  

Photo credit: Elbit Systems

But it’s about more than just air superiority. This digitally advanced and autonomously operating UAS is built to handle diverse operational demands. Whether it be Air, Land, Sea, Homeland Security (HLS), or civilian applications, it has you covered. The large payload bays of the Hermes 650 Spark allow multiple payloads to be configured without sacrificing flight duration.  

This UAS doesn’t just boast high performance – it is also designed for cost-effectiveness throughout its lifespan. Every design aspect is focused on reducing the Life Cycle Cost [LCC]. Striving to achieve the highest levels of safety, survival capacity, and immunity, the Hermes 650 Spark incorporates cutting-edge, self-reliant, and predictive maintenance practices. The result is top-tier mission performance at a reduced Life Cycle Cost. 

Operational capabilities

Introducing the superior Hermes 650 Spark tactical UAS – your answer to superior operational efficiency. Designed for versatility and reliability, it excels in mid-altitude, extended-duration airborne operations due to its automated takeoff and landing [ATOL] and auto-taxi capabilities, which are ideally suited to short airstrips. 

Photo credit: Elbit Systems

Remarkably versatile, this UAS has an impressive 260kg functional load. With its eight modular storage bays, it provides ample space for extensive payload compartments in the fuselage, while the addition of six hard points on the wings accommodates payloads of up to 120kg on a full fuel tank without affecting flight endurance. 

Thanks to the multi-payload competency of this UAS, it seamlessly integrates cutting-edge electro-optics [EO], radar, and SIGINT, among other advanced features. Showcasing the ability for extended missions within the SATCOM range, it offers remarkable 24-hour operational endurance.

About Elbit Systems

At the heart of global high-tech innovation lies Elbit Systems Ltd. This tech firm is renowned for providing cutting-edge solutions for defense, homeland security, and a myriad of commercial programs worldwide. 

Elbit Systems and its various subsidiaries are shaping the future of defense and security with specializations across aerospace, land, and sea systems. Their state-of-the-art C4ISR [Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance] technology, unmanned aviation systems, advanced electro-optic capabilities, Electronic Warfare [EW] suites, signal intelligence systems, data links, communication systems, and radios are in high demand. They are also leading the way in the critical cybersecurity sphere and developing advanced munitions. 

The company’s focus isn’t solely on new technology. Elbit Systems is committed to enhancing and refurbishing existing technology platforms. They’re constantly pushing boundaries by developing cutting-edge technology applicable to defense, homeland security, and commercial sectors. Additionally, they provide an array of support resources, such as training and simulation systems, which are vital to the success of their clients.


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