Russia shows groundbreaking 2S40 Phlox mortar: 10 mines a minute

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Through its YouTube channel, the Russian TV network “Zvezda” showcased the self-propelled mortar 2S40 “Phlox” that was recently integrated into the Russian military. Some units were even dispatched to Ukraine last fall. 

Photo credit: Reddit

The footage reveals different phases of the 2S40 construction and displays field testing, including nighttime sessions. These recordings likely come from activities throughout the last and current year. 

Looking at the footage, it’s evident that when discharged, the mortar generates a significant transfer of power to its vehicle base, the Ural-63704-0010 truck. The video also includes endurance tests of mine explosions. 

Clips of other mortar and artillery systems in Russia’s arsenal such as the 2S41 Drok, 2S43 Malwa, and 2S35 Koalicja-SW are featured. These units are slated for deployment in the Russian Armed Forces shortly. 

As for the “Phlox”, its first units were expected to be delivered to the Russian military last fall, but we don’t know the precise quantity. It didn’t take long before the first one was targeted by a Ukrainian FPV drone in the Kherson region. 

The 2S40 “Phlox” is a 120mm self-propelled mortar mounted on a 6×6 configured Ural-63704-0010 armored truck. It’s designed to replace towed mortars such as the 120mm 2C12 Sani and 2B16 Nona-K. 

This vehicle is expected to offer combat units possessing this type of weapon significantly improved mobility. Its arsenal includes various types of 120mm mortar projectiles, among which are high-explosive, anti-tank, and the Kitolov-2M which has an impressive range of up to 10km. 

Its maximum firing range is pegged at 13km [or 7.5km for mortar shells]. The maximum firing rate is set at 8 rounds per minute, which increases to 10 when firing shells. The vehicle carries 80 mortar shells, 28 of which are frontline ammunition. 

For defensive purposes, the vehicle employs a 12.7mm Kord machine gun mounted on a remotely-controlled weapon module on the truck’s roof. The fortified cabin offers protection against small arms fire and shrapnel from artillery shells

The vehicle’s floor can hold up against blasts equal to 2kg of TNT. The four-person crew can prepare for launch and exit the firing position within minutes, thereby enhancing their chances of evading opposing retaliatory fire.


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