X-sources: US F-35A aircraft downed Turkish Anka-S over Syria

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A Turkish Anka-S drone was shot down over Syria. Photos of the downed drone were posted on the Telegram social media. The photos clearly show the fuselage torn into several pieces and what is left of the electronics.

Interestingly, the text under the photos in Telegram reads: “Kurds/Americans shot down a Turkish Anka-S drone”. A few minutes after the information was published on social media about the downed Turkish drone, speculation began.

Photo credit: Telegram

One of the first assumptions expressed on Twitter by International Defense Analysis was that the Turkish drone was shot down by a US Air Force F-35A fighter jet. International Defense Analysis uses the hashtag #Reportedly without reporting the source of this information.

Around the same time, another Twitter account claimed the same thing. “An ANKA-S UAV model belonging to the Turkish Armed Forces was allegedly shot down by the F-35 fighter jet after approaching the US base.” This information was shared by Politic Türk who also did not share the source of the claims.

According to our information, the Turkish ANKA-S UAV, flying north of Hasakah, was shot down by an F-35A fighter from the 421st Fighter Squadron of the US Air Force with an air-to-air missile AIM-120 AMRAAM

Did the F-35 shoot down the Turkish drone?

As of this writing, there are no official statements from either the Turkish, American, or Syrian sides that the American F-35 fighter jet shot down, or participated in the shooting down of, the Turkish drone.

Opinions expressed on social media are considered speculative until officially confirmed by authorities.


Photo credit: APA az

The Turkish army is currently conducting an intensive operation in Syria. According to Turkish sources, Turkish unmanned combat aerial vehicles [UCAVs] are actively conducting operations against the PKK/YPG terrorist organization, which is allegedly supported by the United States. The target locations and their results are as follows:

Amude: A PKK/YPG camp was hit, resulting in the neutralization of at least 9 terrorists. Kuwadieh Region: The positions of the terrorist organization in this region have been attacked.

Misherfe: An airstrike hit a camp used by PKK/YPG members. Proximity to US base: A vehicle carrying PKK/YPG members located 700 meters from the US base was attacked.

Ain al-Arab: A repair shop belonging to the terrorists near Ain al-Arab was hit. Syrian Oil Stations: Oil stations used by the PKK/YPG to illegally acquire Syrian oil were attacked.

Photo credit: USAF

The civil war in Syria

The Syrian civil war has been going on for almost a decade. Attempts by movements such as the Syrian Democratic Forces to overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad have failed.

The Syrian democratic forces are armed by allies and the United States, while the Syrian army is armed mainly by Russia. Russia is the only country officially invited to Syria by President Bashar al-Assad.

Video screenshot

In 2017, the United States launched a massive missile strike on Bashar al-Assad’s forces after a report emerged that the Syrian president had used chemical weapons to attack his people in the country. Syria and Russia deny such actions.

During his tenure, US President Donald Trump decided to withdraw much of US troops from Syria, leaving several troops to guard Syria’s oil fields on the pretext of “falling into the hands of Islamic State.”

With the withdrawal of the United States, Turkey comes to the fore, declaring it necessary to deal with the Kurds and the PKK movement in the northern part of the country, which borders Turkey. That is why Erdogan is sending troops in an attempt to build a stable and secure 30km zone between Syria and Turkey, which will prevent future terrorist attacks on Turkish territory, as it is.


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