UFA offers a $33K salary in Su-27, Su-35, and Su-57 production

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Despite of reports a potential financial crisis, Russia’s defense industry appears to be thriving, based on recent job advertisements from the UFA Aircraft Engine Plant [Part of the Russian United Engine Corporation], according to the Russian media outlet, Ura.ru

Photo credit: UEC

The job advertisements, targeted at residents of the Perm Territory, showcase opportunities at this expansive engine-building enterprise located in UFA. 

Vacancies for lathes, crucial to the production of engines for military aircraft, including the Russian Su-57 and Su-35 fighter jets, are among the job advertisements. The roles require a commitment to rotational shifts, with a promised payment of 280 thousand rubles for a 60-shift cycle. 

The adverts relay, “Vacancies for residents of the Perm region. Residents are invited to the largest engine-manufacturing plant in Ufa where experienced turners are needed for long-term employment. Join a defense enterprise with stable orders. Salary – starting from 1,680,000 rubles per annum per personnel [$16,800] or 3,360,000 rubles per annum [$33,400] for 720 shifts.” 

Photo credit: Rostec

Employers have further stipulated that extra amenities, including “free accommodation in serviced apartments,” are on offer for turners hailing from outside the UFA area, as reported on Avito’s website. 

Representatives of the recruiting agency confirmed to Ura.ru that the job postings are linked to the PJSC UEC-UFA Engine Production Association. 

Furthermore, this firm is a powerhouse in the serial production of turbojet engines for Su-27, Su-35, and Su-57 aircraft. Parts and assemblies for Ka- and Mi- military helicopters are also produced here. As per the financial statements available on UEC-UFA’s website, their net profit for the first six months of 2023 exceeded 4.8 billion rubles, approximately 48 million USD. 

Photo credit: Rosoboronexport

Interesting to note is a separate report by Ura.ru that the Kalashnikov concern is welcoming Perm region residents to join their production of military equipment. For CNC machine adjusters, a monthly pay of 78 thousand rubles is offered, totaling approximately $777 each month. 

Worth noting is that the annual salary offered by the UFA Engine Plant far surpasses average annual salaries in the Perm region, based on data from earlier in the year. Specifically, the average annual salary recorded in April was $7,000, rising to $7,200 in May and further to $7,700 in June.

Who calculates the average annual salary in Russia?

Photo credit: Creative Commons

Every month, employers are expected to forward statements documenting employee contributions, culminating in a comprehensive final statement after each quarter. Once received, the Pension Fund relays this information to the Rosstat departments. Subsequently, this data is streamlined into unified statistical reports. 

While employers hold the vantage point to determine the average salary of each worker independently — a measure that proves essential for calculating sick leave among other needs — the responsibility to craft exhaustive statistics rests exclusively within the purview of Rosstat. 

About UFA

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In the annals of Russian manufacturing, the name Public Joint Stock Company “UFA Engine Manufacturing Association” [PJSC “UEC-UMPO”] holds a prominent position. This esteemed enterprise, established in 1925, breathes life into aircraft through its state-of-the-art engines and supports over 22,000 jobs nationwide.

Not merely confined to manufacturing, PJSC “UEC-UMPO” offers a breadth of services that encompass the production, repair, and maintenance of turbojet aircraft engines. Their expertise also extends to catering to the needs of the oil and gas industry whilst simultaneously producing and repairing helicopter components.

Among their crowning achievements is the consistent production of turbojet engines designed for various models of the Su- aircraft family, including the Su-27 [AL-31F engine], Su-30 [AL-31F and AL-31FP engines], Su-35S [Izdeliye 117 S], and Su-25 [R-95Sh and R- 195]. This, coupled with the production of components and assemblies for the Ka- and Mi- helicopters, underscores their significance in the aviation industry.

Photo credit: Reddit

Russia is protecting its defense industry

Against the tumultuous backdrop of sanctions and the enduring strife in Ukraine, Russia emphasizes a relentless commitment to upholding the integrity of its substantial weapons complex, determined to avert substantial economic or financial damage. 

This contention is substantiated by the augmented wages in UFA, coupled with the significant investment funneled into UEC-Kuznetsov, a manufacturing plant that produces engines for the country’s strategic bombers, in the preceding year. 

Rostec, in November of the previous year, disclosed a surge in the production of these critical engines, underscoring Russia’s efforts in fortifying its strategic arsenal amidst geopolitical tensions. 

Photo by Dmitri Terakhov

The Samara-based enterprise, UEC-Kuznetsov, initiated the commencement of new production facilities, sprawling across 11 thousand square meters, backed by an impressive investment exceeding 6.6 billion USD. According to a press release from Rostec, a total of 12 new facilities have been incorporated into their operations thus far, with an additional nine currently in the construction phase. 

The unveiling of these new production resources is poised to double the output of crucial engines, namely the NK-32 series 02, NK-12MP, NK-25 series aviation engines, and one highly anticipated high power product.


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