Russia dispersed some of its ships from Sevastopol to Novorossiysk

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Most of the Russian Federation’s ships, possessing Kalibr cruise missile capability, have been relocated to Novorossiysk, with only a minority remaining in the occupied Crimea. 

Photo: Russian MoD

In light of Ukraine showcasing the potential for effective assaults on the main bay of the Russian Federation’s Black Sea Fleet situated in the occupied Sevastopol, the Russian Navy has chosen to shift its vessels to more remote bays located in the seized Feodosia and the unoccupied Novorossiysk in the Krasnodar Territory. 

These movements have been validated by satellite imagery scrutinized by OSINT analyst MT_Anderson. His analysis revealed that as of October 2, Sevastopol was mostly occupied by non-combat naval vessels including four large landing ships of project 775, along with reconnaissance vessels of projects 18280 Ivan Hurs and 864 Priazovye. 


Notable combat-ready vessels: a Varshavyanka project submarine, another submarine belonging to the 1239 project, a patrol ship from the 1135 project, and an 1124 project corvette. 

The images also depict the dry dock holding the wrecked large amphibious assault ship Minsk and the Rostov-on-Don submarine. The vessels were partially sheathed in a tarp or a green camouflage netting. 

Satellite photos dated October 2 of Feodosia reveal the presence of a small missile ship project 22800 Karakut and another small missile ship project 21631 Buyan-M, both armed with Kalibr missiles. 

A large corvette from Project 22160, which theoretically could deploy cruise missiles, is also based there. However, for such functionality, launchers would need to be ergonomically fitted, a feat that has not yet been accomplished. 


The adversary’s primary surface force has been relocated to Novorossiysk. According to satellite images from October 1, two project 11356R frigates—Admiral Makarov and Admiral Essen, all the ships of this type—currently in the Black Sea are there. Novorossiysk additionally hosts three Varshavyanka submarines and one Buyan-M. 

In essence, the Russian Federation moved the primary ships equipped with Kalibr cruise missiles to the Krasnodar Territory. Given the launch range of these cruise missiles, they can effectively attack Ukraine directly from the Novorossiysk launch site. 

Other notable large vessels include the guard ship from Project 1135, the corvette from Project 22160, and three sizeable amphibious vessels – two from Project 775 and one from Project 11711, Petar Morgunov, which was launched in 2018.


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