Russian Su-24 bomber sank three out of six Ukrainian boats – Rybar

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A Russian Su-24 bomber foiled an amphibious operation by the Ukrainian armed forces in an attempt to capture Cape Tarkhankut. This was claimed by Russian think tank Rybar in its post on Twitter.

“At least six Ukrainian boats wanted to land on Cape Tarkhankut. As a result of the Su-24M bomber’s actions, three of the enemy’s boats went down, the rest retreated in the direction of Vilkovo. Also the AFU attempted to hit military facilities on Tarkhankut with attack drones, but the attack was repulsed,” Rybar said.

The information is currently only distributed by Rybar think tank. There is currently no photo or video footage of the Su-24 attack or the sunken Ukrainian boats. Officially, neither Moscow nor Kiev have confirmed Rybar’s information.

Photo credit: Rybar / Telegram

What exactly is Rybar saying?

On the evening of September 9, precisely around 9:00 p.m., an operation involving a minimum of six vessels was launched. The vessels, manned by personnel from Ukraine’s Main Intelligence Directorate and Special Operations Forces, embarked from Zatoka, setting course towards Crimea. Their objective, it seemed, was to repeat an attempt to make landfall on Cape Tarkhankut.

However, the course of events took an unexpected turn: an Su-24M bomber was promptly dispatched towards their location. This aircraft released a quartet of RBK-500PTAB cluster bombs, laden with anti-tank cumulative elements, onto a congregation of vessels located to the southeast of Zatoka-1M.

Consequently, the swift and ruthless encounter resulted in the immediate sinking of three enemy vessels, along with their onboard landing parties. The remaining ships, having witnessed the abrupt demise of their comrades, quickly reversed their course. They set sail towards Vilkovo, reaching their destination by the stroke of midnight, having tactically circumvented the Snake Island in their retreat.

Photo credit: 24Chasa

Russia announced four sunken boats

On the concluding day of August, specifically the 30th, an occurrence of considerable consequence was reported. An aircraft belonging to the Russian Naval fleet allegedly initiated an offensive, culminating in the submergence of four vessels loaded with Ukrainian commandos, as attested by a statement issued by the Russian Ministry of Defense and subsequently cited by TASS. Up to the current juncture, the authorities in Kyiv have maintained silence, refraining from any official commentary or reaction concerning this particular incident.

In the pre-dawn hours of August 30, a formal communique was disseminated by the Russian Defense Ministry, revealing the execution of a major military operation by the Black Sea Fleet. This strategic engagement led to the successful neutralization of four military motorboats navigating the ebon waters of the Black Sea, allegedly ferrying a force of approximately 50 Ukrainian special forces personnel. The ministry, exercising a degree of diplomatic discretion, withheld the exact geographical coordinates of this maritime encounter from the public domain.

Photo credit:

Just last week, a proclamation emerged from the depths of Ukrainian military intelligence, asserting that they had tactically positioned a cadre of commandos along the jagged edges of the Crimean shoreline. The task at hand was symbolic, yet carried a substantial degree of significance: to raise the Ukrainian flag high in the sky, marking the celebration of the nation’s day of independence. Despite the audacious declaration, the Russian Ministry of Defense chose to remain conspicuously silent, abstaining from any form of comment or reaction to the announcement made by their Ukrainian counterparts in the field of military intelligence.

2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine

On the 21st of February, 2022, allegations emerged from Russia, asserting that a border facility under the jurisdiction of their Federal Security Service [FSB] had been decimated due to an aggressive shelling operation purportedly executed by Ukrainian forces. According to the Russian authorities, this unexpected and violent incursion resulted in the unfortunate demise of five Ukrainian combatants.

Ukraine, however, vehemently repudiated involvement in both occurrences, categorizing them as nothing more than deceptive maneuvers, or ‘false flags’.

In a significant development on the very day, the Russian government extended formal recognition to the self-proclaimed entities of DPR and LPR. This recognition, as per Putin, was not confined merely to the territories under their de-facto control, but encompassed the entire Ukrainian Oblasts. In an ensuing move, Putin commanded the mobilization of Russian military forces, inclusive of tanks, into the said regions.

In a significant geopolitical development on the 24th of February, 2022, President Vladimir Putin of Russia commanded an aggressive military invasion into Ukraine. This act of aggression was executed by Russia’s formidable Armed Forces, which had been strategically amassed along the Ukrainian border in a show of ominous intent. 

This invasion was not a random act of violence, but a meticulously planned operation, characterized by precise airstrikes that targeted key military infrastructures within the Ukrainian territory. Concurrently, an armored division of tanks rolled in from the Belarusian frontier, further intensifying the scale and impact of the offensive.

Photo credit: Twitter

The Russian administration thus far has refrained from acknowledging the ongoing incursion into Ukraine as a “war”. This, despite the fact that the unfolding events bear all the hallmarks of a military conflict. Instead, the Kremlin insists on terming it a “special military operation”.


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