F-16 is vulnerable target for S-300 or Su-35 – 4x combat vet Davis

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The F-16 is not a stealth fighter. It is a highly visible and very vulnerable target for both the Russian S-300 and S-400 air defense systems, as well as the Su-35 fighter and the MiG-31 interceptor. These are the words of an American combat veteran and military expert appearing on Fox, CNN, NBC, and BBC US Army Lt. Col. Daniel Davis.

Davis was interviewed by Judge Napolitano on the YouTube “Judging Freedom” podcast. He does a very thorough analysis of recent US decisions on providing military aid to Ukraine. The subject of the F-16 is central to his commentary, and he’s not just talking about the opposition to Russian military platforms.

Davis, for example, says that Ukrainian F-16 pilots will likely under-perform their F-16-trained counterparts. Mentality and concentration will be disturbed. Davies says it’s not so easy to change your mindset and focus when you’ve spent your whole life flying a MiG-29 or Su-27, and the next moment you’re expected to perform well when you get on the F-16.

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Napolitano and Davis delve deeper into this theme. Both believe that in reality, Ukrainian pilots will have to forget everything they learned from the old Soviet fighters. However, this is difficult and will affect their “instinctive reactions”. Davis says this topic was discussed between him and a former US colonel who flew the F-16. The F-16 veteran also supported the opinion that the mentality will be different among Ukrainian pilots.

They going to be dropped

The flying skills Ukrainian pilots acquired flying Soviet fighter jets will not be of much use when operating the F-16, the two analysts said. Davis believes that F-16s flown by Ukrainian pilots will help defend Kyiv. But if they are sent to the front line “they probably going to be dropped just like the MiG-29s have been”.

Davis and Napolitano commented on the possibility of Ukrainian F-16s attacking Russian targets on Russian territory. For them, and apparently, for the White House administration, this is a very big red line that could cause World War III. Davis also said that a similar opinion and concern was expressed by his interlocutor the day before this interview, the former American F-16 pilot. “If that doesn’t happen I don’t see how we’re going to move into World War III at this point,” Davis concluded in his comments about the F-16.

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The comments by Napoletano and Davis are in line with claims by various experts in the final months of the war since it became clear that talks were underway to provide Ukraine with F-16s. However, the two analysts declined to comment on how cost-effective it would be to use the F-16 in a country riddled with corruption and constantly under missile attacks from Russia. We are looking at the airports from which Ukraine’s future F-16s will have to take off.

BulgarianMilitary.com has analyzed this problem. Because that’s a problem. Despite claims by Ukrainian authorities that the F-16s were flown from Ukrainian airfields, this was in peacetime. Today, it is enough for Russian missile strikes to be aimed at the runways of the airports that will shelter and service the F-16s so that they cannot take off at all.

Funding is needed

When it comes to servicing, the Pentagon has officially announced that funding for F-16 deliveries will be required. Because it is not only about fighters but also about their maintenance.

Earlier, BulgarianMilitary.com reported that according to General Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, $2 billion is needed for the delivery of 10 F-16 fighter jets and their maintenance. But it was not specified for what period this money will arrive.

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According to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, an international fund should be created to finance these supplies in Ukraine. Mr. Austin believes that countries that cannot afford to donate F-16s or buy F-16s for Ukraine, will have to contribute money to this fund. In this way, the presence of F-16 in Ukraine will be financed.

Possible F-16 donors

At the moment, it is known that Washington is giving permission to partners who want to give F-16s to Ukraine to do so. The same applies to the countries that will provide training to Ukrainian pilots. Norway, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Poland are all linked as alleged donors of F-16s to Ukraine. The US has not confirmed at this time that it will donate its stockpile of F-16s to Ukraine.

It also remains unclear what F-16 models will be given. Some speculate that it will be the F-16 MLU, but this has not been confirmed. Who will provide the weapons and what weapons will be given to Ukraine also remain unclear. But in this case, if F-16s are given to Ukraine, most likely the USA will be one of the main donors of weapons for this fighter.

BulgarianMilitary.com recalls that according to a report by RUSI, the F-16 is not suitable for the Ukrainian Air Force. The Swedish Gripen is the most successful, the report says, but Ukraine does not have that influence over Sweden, and Sweden does not have enough Gripens to donate to Ukraine. General Milli also expressed his opinion, which is that the F-16 will not change the situation in Ukraine, calling the F-16 “this is not a magic weapon.”

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