GD shows LT105 tank equipped with Israeli 105mm manned turret

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The company General Dynamics European Land Systems-Santa Barbara Sistemas [Spain] will present for the first time at the International Fair for Defense and Security FEINDEF two new variants of the family of armored tracked machines Ascod. These are the Light Tank LT105 and the Engineer Armored Retriever [ARV]. The exhibition takes place this week in Madrid, Spain.

Photo: Wikipedia

The Ascod-based light tank features a 105 mm manned turret from the Israeli company Elbit as the main weapon [optionally available as an unmanned turret], featuring automatic loading and technologies such as the latest generation of firing systems.

This development was recently acquired by the Philippines, which became the fourth user of chain armor. Ascod is the name of the export version of the Pizarro vehicle operated by the Spanish Army. The platform is also in operation or contracted in Austria [under the name Ulan] and the United Kingdom [Ajax program].

The ARV, in turn, is equipped with a crane and stabilization system capable of lifting up to 20 tons. It also has a winch and pusher blade that provide a unique capacity, the manufacturer emphasizes, for recovery in a wide variety of terrains and missions.

Photo credit: GDELS-SBS

GDELS will also present new technological developments and innovations to increase the capabilities of its Ascod track platform, including the Neva open digital architecture, the EuroTrophy active protection system, the composite material tracks, the autonomous driving kit, and the optimized fleet management service.

Castor’s first production unit

The company will also show at the fair the first production unit of the Sapper Combat Vehicle [VCP], which will soon enter service with the army, and the multi-purpose platform concept for the Track Support Vehicle [VAC] program.

Ukraine was interested in the LT105

At the beginning of September last year, it became clear that Kyiv was interested in Spanish tanks. Then the news was announced by the Minister of Defense of Spain, Mrs. Margarita Robles.

According to the minister, Kyiv is interested in Spanish tanks, new and modern. Kyiv and Madrid did not share which tanks were the subject of a dispute between them. But the Spanish media suggested that if Ukraine wants new, modern, and modern tanks that are entirely Spanish-made, then the Askod LT105 is the only option.

Photo: GDELS

According to the Spanish press, Kyiv was ready to order and buy the tanks. But Spanish journalists even then analyzed that it was almost impossible for this to happen. The problem: Ukraine wanted them “now and immediately.” Such production is impossible, they say in Spain. There is no information as to whether Ukraine has renewed its interest in the LT105.


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