155/203 mm artillery shells fall from a moving truck near Ankara

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Howitzer ammunition fell on the ring road in Ankara from a moving truck. The fallen howitzer ammunition was kept under control by teams of the Gendarmerie and the Police.

Photo credit: Ankara Trafik

According to the Ankara Traffic page, the howitzer ammunition fell onto the ring road from the trailer of a truck that was traveling in Ankara’s Pursaklar district. All loaded howitzer ammunition in the truck was kept under control by Gendarmerie and Police teams. The Turkish gendarmerie was able to react quickly and secured the area. She then cleared the way, putting the ammunition back in the truck with the others.

According to information in the Turkish media, the ammunition was produced by the Turkish company Roketsan. Roketsan announced that the company had nothing to do with either the ammunition or the truck in question. It remains unclear which institution/organization the truck belongs to.

It is emphasized that the ammunition dropped on the ring road is a 155/203mm howitzer used in the T-155 FIRTINA/M109 or M110A2 self-propelled howitzer.

The dropped ammunition caused a wave of comments on social networks among Turkish users. The munitions loaded in the truck are believed to have been sent to a disposal site as they had expired.

Many incendiary/explosive components, particularly the fuse, of munitions sent to another region for disposal are removed for safety reasons.


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