MaxxPro MRAP and newest air defense M-SHORAD crashed in Germany

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BERLIN, GERMANY — Amidst the loss of at least one Leopard 2A4 tank during training, new NATO equipment was lost in a crash. And if the accident with the damaged tank, which we wrote about, is supposed to have happened in Poland at the military training ground, then the accident that we are going to tell you about happened in Germany.

Photo credit: Telegram

Photos circulated on social media but first leaked on Telegram, show a crash on the road between an American MRAP International MaxxPro and the latest M-SHORAD self-propelled air defense system. When and exactly where in Germany this incident happened we cannot say. The author of the photos claims it is from yesterday – April 17th.

Photo credit: Telegram

Both ground vehicles are NATO assets and were not intended to be sent to Ukraine, according to our sources. The photos show that the impact was quite serious. The rear axle of the MaxxPro MRAP is literally broken in two. And if a few days ago we reported to you and showed that even after being hit by an anti-tank missile MaxxPro MRAP in Ukraine managed to survive, this time the road accident will most likely put it out of service.


Photo credit: Telegram

There is also damage to the M-SHORAD system, although according to the photos it is less compared to the MRAP. But it looks like M-SHORAD will need a lot of work on the bow and on the front bridge to get it back into service.

The M-SHORAD is equipped with a remote-controlled RIwP anti-aircraft weapon station with a 30-mm XM914 autocannon, a 7.62-mm M240 machine gun, a twin-barreled Hellfire Longbow ATGM launcher, and a quad-barreled Stinger SAM launcher, as well as an electro-optical detection and tracking unit aims. For the detection of ZRPK targets, an MHR radar complex with four fixed antennas with AFAR is installed.

About M1224 MaxxPro

The M1224 MaxxPro is an armored vehicle designed for infantry forces. So far, according to open data, about 9,000 units have been produced. The design was completed in 2007 when serial production also began until today. At least 20 countries currently operate the M1224 MaxxPro.

Photo credit: Telegram

The armored mine resistance vehicle is powerful and meets the requirements of the Ukrainian landscape and geographical infrastructure. A 9.3 liter 570 cubic inches MaxxForce D9.3I6 I6 engine delivers 330 horsepower. The vehicle’s transmission is an Allison 3000 5-speed automatic. The suspension is as expected for a military vehicle – 4×4, wheeled semi-elliptical leaf springs.

Although the M1224 MaxxPro was created at the beginning of the new millennium, the vehicle already has quite a lot of combat experience, thanks mostly to the US Army. In addition to Ukraine, the M1224 MaxxPro has served in the Iraq War, the Afghanistan War, and the Syrian Civil War.


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