US Bradley IFVs in Ukrainian camo colors are in the war zone

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KYIV, UKRAINE — A photo of US-supplied M2A2 Bradley ODS-SA IFVs painted in Ukrainian camouflage colors has surfaced on the web. The author on Twitter Ukraine Weapons Tracker, which since the beginning of the war has been monitoring the performance and delivery of weapons platforms to Ukraine, claims this.

Pictured are two M2A2 Bradley ODS-SA IFVs. One is painted solid dark green, while the other is camouflaged in varying shades of green from light to dark. has no way to confirm whether these two vehicles are currently in Ukraine.

Earlier today, a video of Bradley in desert colors hit the web. Various authors claim that this vehicle is also located in Ukraine. This information cannot be confirmed, despite the appearance of a person in the video wearing a T-shirt with a Ukrainian pattern. There is a high probability, although this is also a guess, that the video is not from Ukraine, but from Poland, for example, where since the beginning of the war the platforms have been serviced before being delivered to Ukraine.

The M2A2 Bradley ODS-SA is manufactured by BAE Systems. The first design of the basic M2 Bradley is from the late 1970s. In the early 1980s, the vehicle was first adopted by the US Army. Over the years, the M2 Bradley has undergone many modifications, depending on the changing environment, requirements for warfare, as well as foreign orders.

Photo credit: WarZone

Today’s M2A2 Bradley ODS-SA can carry up to 10 personnel. The machine has 600 horsepower and weighs 75,500 lbs/34,250 kg. The M2A2 Bradley ODS-SA can travel a distance of 402 km/250 miles on a full tank of fuel, which by the way holds 175 gallons/662 liters. The maximum speed of the vehicle is 38 mph/61 km/h.

The M2A2 Bradley ODS-SA features some impressive features. For example, its slope is 60%, and the slide slope is 40%. The Bradley ODS-SA can traverse a trench 100 inches / 2.5 m, as well as vertically traverse a wall 36 inches / 0.9 m.

Like any ground armored combat vehicle, the Bradley is no exception and has primary and secondary armament. The first includes one 25 mm M242 chain gun [900 rounds] and two TOW anti-tank missile launchers [7 missiles]. The secondary armament includes one 7.62 mm coaxial M240C machine gun [2,200 rounds].

The US has promised Ukraine to aid its efforts against the Russian military by providing M2A2 Bradley IFVs. 60 vehicles were promised by Washington. Unlike many other promised rigs that have yet to ship, the Bradleys arrived relatively quickly.

Photo credit: BAE Systems

In early February of this year, our sources reported that the 60 M2A2 Bradley IFVs had arrived at the port of Bremerhaven, on Germany’s North Sea coast. This shipment is part of $2.8 billion in military aid from the United States.

The ship with the 60 Bradleys left South Carolina on January 27th of this year. Arriving on February 9th in Germany, this means it took 14 days for the vehicles to set foot in Europe. The transportation of these combat vehicles to Ukraine was organized by the United States Transportation Command [USTRANSCOM]. reminds us that the Pentagon has eleven unified commands of the US Department of Defense, and USTRANSCOM is one of them.


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