Tu-142 anti-submarine warfare aircraft detected enemy submarines

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MOSCOW, RUSSIA — Russia’s Pacific Fleet has been undergoing surprise inspections in recent days. The surprise checks, which began on April 14, will end tomorrow, according to Russian media reports.

Photo by Alexander Kazakov

Today, Tu-142 anti-submarine warfare aircraft were launched into the air. During the mission, assigned at the last minute, they discovered “enemy submarines”. The submarines were Russian mock targets meant to counter the Tu-142.

According to reports from the Ministry of Defense of Russia, all the Tu-142s used were able to fulfill their assigned tasks. “During the mission, the planes carried out activities to search, classify and track submarines of an alleged enemy with the release of search equipment”, the department notes.

However, for the crews of the Tu-142 tested today, the mission continued with the issuance of a second command – a flight of maximum duration. During the flight, the Russian crews were instructed to fly a certain course over unoriented terrain. Carrying out these flights, ground communication was suspended and the crews practiced joint operation, communicating with the crews of the other aircraft participating in the inspection.

Surprise inspection

Unannounced inspections are practices in the preparation of military combat capability and effectiveness, which must ensure the operational readiness of inspected military units.

The inspection is called sudden because of the military command’s sudden decision to check the performance of the equipment at any moment, without prior warning.

For there to be no manipulation on the military platforms and distortion of the data [repair, preparation] while the inspection is being carried out, the Army Headquarters places guards who are not part of the inspected combat unit. In this particular case, the security was directly from Moscow from the army headquarters. Security is blocking access to all military platforms, which will be subject to screening and inspection.

Photo by Commander VC Pandey

Missile strikes are coming

Tomorrow, April 18th is the last day of the surprise check. According to a statement from the Minister of Defense of Russia, Vladimir Shoigu, the combat capabilities of coastal and sea-based missile systems will be tested.

No real rockets will be fired, the ministry says. Most likely, all systems will be tested by electronic starts.

On April 14, a surprise review of the Pacific Fleet forces began, and personnel was put on full alert. Long-range aviation, aviation of the Eastern Military District, units, and auxiliary units participate in the inspection.

On April 16, the air defense units of the Pacific Fleet assumed combat duty in new positional areas. During the march, the personnel performed tasks of detecting targets and covering the attack of an imaginary enemy.

Tu-134 ASW aircraft

Tupolev Tu-142 is a Soviet/Russian maritime reconnaissance and anti-submarine warfare [ASW] aircraft. This is a Soviet-era aircraft, but still in service. It was developed in the 1960s. It made its first flight in 1968, while it was first presented to the general public in 1972.

Photo by Fedor Leukhin

The Soviet Union built 100 Tu-142s, with 22 currently in service in Russia. Over the years, India and Ukraine have also been operators of this aircraft. Currently, only Russia has left it in service.

The Tu-142 is powered by a power unit with four Kuznetsov NK-12MP turboprop engines, 11,033 kW [14,795 shp] each. It has 8-blade counter-rotating constant-speed propellers. Its maximum speed is 925 km/h [575 mph, 499 kn], cruise speed is 711 km/h [442 mph, 384 kn] and the combat range is 6,500 km [4,000 mi, 3,500 nmi]. Operated by a crew of 11 or 13, depending on model and mission.


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