Russia sent in Ukraine a wheeled 152mm bulletproof residential bunker

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MOSCOW, RUSSIA — The war in Ukraine may not end soon. Although there are claims among some analysts that peace could be reached between the two countries this summer, Moscow clearly does not think so. Otherwise, he would not send new military equipment, be it non-combat, but for the welfare of the soldiers at the front.

Photo credit: Yandex

It is a military residential bunker on wheels. According to the Russian state news agency TASS, this is the first built Russian mobile residential bunker on wheels. The manufacturer is the local company Dorgeotech. TASS also reports that Moscow is sending the prototype for direct tests in real combat conditions. I.e. the bunker goes to Ukraine.

How does it work?

A test team from the Russian engineering troops left with the bunker for Ukraine on March 28. The principle of operation is as follows: a trench is dug in advance with dimensions corresponding to the dimensions and characteristics of the bunker. The bunker is placed in the trench and covered with sand. If necessary, for example, a change of position, an advance, or a retreat from the front line, the bunker is pulled by a towing vehicle and can be immediately transported to the new location.

One of the important features of the mobile wheeled bunker is that it withstands 152mm ammunition. According to its designer, Mr. Alexey Devyatilov, four people can live in the bunker. I.e. four beds are placed in the “mobile home”, which turns out to be heated by a stove that can be used for cooking. If the beds are removed, the designer claims that eight people can hide in the bunker.

The bunker is transported with UAZ or Niva SUVs, which are actually the most frequently used SUVs by the Russian troops. This particular case is no exception. According to Mr. Devyatilov, the production of a version with trailers for cars [trucks] Ural and Kamaz is underway.

Anti-corrosion coating

Mr. Devyatilov also explained that if an ordinary dugout is damp, and cold and protection from projectiles is relative, then such bunkers are quite suitable for normal life and better protection from shrapnel.

Photo credit: Yandex

The hopper is covered with an anti-corrosion coating, which will allow the life of the hopper to be around 50 years. It is noted that the company Dorgeotech has already developed a whole series of fortifications, the size of which is from 2.5 to 6 m. The weight of the products is from 1.4 to 2.5 tons.

Approved by Russian MoD

According to Devyatilov, their company has already produced about 10 variants of bunkers using spiral corrugated metal pipes, half of which have been used on the front line since 2022.

“At the moment, the tactical and technical requirements have been approved by the Ministry of Defense. We are waiting for a decision from the military department to start development work,” said Mr. Devyatilov.


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